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Africa Babel: An Exhibition

This week, an astounding exhibition with over 400 African sculptures was open at a very important cultural center in Santa Cruz, the capital of our island. This meant a unique chance to enjoy a collection of art that had been never shown to the public, so we were super excited about it since it was first announced in our local newspaper. This morning we visited it, and loved it immensely – here is a selection of the most beautiful pieces, so you can enjoy this unique collection too!

Please notice that the exhibition was illuminated to be intensely atmospheric, and it really was – but that made it difficult to photograph because the lights were really low on most of the rooms.


Wonderful beaded art from Camerun.


Most pieces were made of wood, but there were also several ones with copper overlays like this elegant reliquary piece from Gabon.


The collection of maternity pieces was marvellous – this one is Yoruban, from Congo.


Closeup of a protection warrior fetish.


Because of their fragility, there were only a couple of clay pieces – this one of a man smoking a pipe is so elegant.


There were several example of this male+female statues from different countries, which are used to worship Ancestors. I do have a pair myself!


The mask and helmet collection was absolutely impressive.




How much does modern, sci-fi art owe to this?


This piece was one of my favourites – it tells the story of Ethiopia’s kings, starting with King Solomon.


This was another highlight for me, because several of the symbols are extremely similar to Guanche iconography.


Such a fine, detailed work – sadly, the camera does not capture the energy some of the statues were emanating!


This piece was life size, so you get an idea of the size of the horns. In the room, it was commanding all attention.


The finesse on the carving in this antelope statue is another example of the absolute excellence of African sculpture.


Closeup of another really large piece, with beautiful design and colouring. As you can see, Picasso invented nothing.


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Eight Powerful Tips To Become A Better Practitioner Before The Year Ends


I do not believe in New Year’s resolutions at all, but when it comes to our spirituality, I certainly believe in the power of simple and effective action. Here are some extremely magical things you can do before the year ends that may change the course of energy of 2019:

· Clean the damn altar, the damn apothecary, or the damn magical library (insert smile emoji here). You know it’s time.

· Set a time for daily and weekly practise, and f***ing stick to it. This is just like exercising; consistency beats everything else, and it is the root of all power.

· Also, plan your yearly rituals so they don’t catch you unprepared. No, it’s not too soon.

· Stop second guessing yourself when it comes to your path, and stop being afraid of true spiritual experiences. Success is always for those who dare. Think of a practise that would make you a better practitioner, and do whatever is needed to make it a reality.

· If you have debts with a Spirit, fulfill them before the year ends. Spirits are not vending machines for your desires.

· If you promised to yourself that you would start something this year – a new practise, a book of shadows, a herbal garden – do ONE thing towards accomplishing it before December 31, no matter how small it is. Everything starts with one single step.

· Speaking of gardens, it is time to stop procrastinating when it comes to connecting with Mother Nature. As with your yearly rituals, you can start planning special pilgrimages right after you finish reading this blog post.

· If you are facing emotionally stressing situations with family this season, remember your own power and WORK something; a protection charm, a glamour work, a sweetening jar, or whatever the situation needs. If you can’t do it yourself, get the work done by a professional – you will not regret having peace of mind!

· And finally – remember that our Winter Solstice Blessing Service is just four days away! Get your participation HERE.

The blog will be taking a break until January 7, which is the end of the season in Spain. Wishing you a very blessed and magical holiday!

Preparing For The Solstice: Easy Cleansing Rituals


If you are participating in our Winter Solstice Blessing Service, this weekend is a perfect time to do cleansing work on yourself and your home, to get rid of stagnant energy from the whole year, and be absolutely open to receive the blessings of Spirits on the 21st. Here are some really easy rituals that everyone can perform:

· Wash your floors with a mixture of Holy/Blessed Water and salt. Begin at the farthest point, go towards the entrance of the home, and throw the water away when you finish.

· Do smoke fumigation with dry Rosemary and/or Wormwood and/or Eucalyptus over a charcoal. Follow the same method explained above.

· Get a spiritual bath with fresh Rosemary and Thyme. To avoid herb bits all over you, use a coffee filter as a single-use bag, or a cotton/muslim cloth bag. If possible, let the bath air dry on your skin.

· Light white and golden candles every day for a while, and decorate for the Solstice to your heart’s delight. Ornaments with bells, chimes, or anything that creates noise, are specially blessed.

· Perfume your home by simmering cinnamon sticks, an apple, the skin of an orange, and a dozen cloves. Negative entities just hate good scents!

And of course, if you haven’t purchased your participation yet, you can do so here:

Mystic Garden: An Exhibition


Sor Maria De Jesus

Today, we visited Mystic Garden, a new exhibition about the life and work of Sister Maria De Jesus, a local nun which is in the process of becoming a saint after a life full of miracles, including the fact that her incorrupt body was discovered during an exhumation in 1734. She spent her life at the Saint Catherine Of Sienna monastery,  which is just two blocks away from my parents’ home, so to say that she is like family to me (and to my family) is an understatement.

I was extremely excited about this exhibition, that will be permanently homed in the monastery where she lived, now a beautiful art museum. The monastery was a cloister with no visitors allowed for five hundred years – to think that as it opened its doors this very morning, we were among the first people to walk through it since its foundation was the most exciting thing I have experience in a long while.

I took many lovely pictures for all of you – enjoy the eye candy!



Gorgeous statue of Saint Rose Of Lima, patroness of Peru, and one of my most loved Saints.


Lovely Holy Child, which was part of the personal belongings of Sor Maria.


Exquisite handcarved bust of Saint Dominic Of Guzman, founder of the order to which Sor Maria belonged.




Saint Florentine Of Cartagena, sister of Saint Isidore, Saint Leander and Saint Fulgentius.


Astounding wood divider with handpainted panels.


Holy Child Of The Thorn. This painting suggests that Jesus had premonitions about his destiny.


Our Lady Of The Holy Rosary. Sadly, the lights of the room did not help, and the picture does not reflect how gorgeous the colours were.


Beautiful and tiny painting of Mary Magdalene, also part of Sor Maria’s personal collection.


Archangel Saint Michael


One of the oldest paintings of Our Lady Of Candelaria, and the total highlight of the exhibition for me, as I thought I’d never be able to see it in person. The lights of the exhibition were terrible, and again, did not allow for a good picture without flares.

Other Treasures


One of the jobs of the nuns were creating silk flowers for devotional use. In the picture, the tools used to brand silk.


These flower crowns belonged to Sor Maria. The pillow was used as a head rest after the exhumation where her incorrupt body was discovered.


Fabulous retablo in Sor Maria’s room, with a small statue of Our Lady Of The Holy Rosary, and two glass domes with more handmade silk flowers. The room’s ceiling was really low, so this picture was a real challenge.

The Cloister’s Garden






NEW! Society6 Shop For Prints, T-Shirts, And More!


I have been working on a new Society6 shop this week – I always get requests for prints of my artwork, but I cannot provide those, plus the shipping costs from here would be extremely high; so, I chose this print-on-demand site, since I have several friends who own shops there, and have given me good feedback.





In the pictures, you can see some examples of the products that are already available, but Society6 offers a huge array of products – so, if you are interested in purchasing an item that is not available at my shop yet, please let me know, because there is a high chance that I can create it for you.


Stationery Sets

Magical Crafts: Abundance Wreath


I love to make special decorations for our Spiritual Services, that not only reflect the purpose of the Service itself, but also the seasons and their changes. For us, Autumn and Winter are vibrant, green, and filled with life – a perfect inspiration for the upcoming Financial Blessing Service on November 21, which will focus on abundance at all levels.



Starting with a blank wicker wreath, I added elements in green, gold, and red, the colours of wealth for me; berries for abundance, moss for healing, cinnamon for luck, bells for blessing, and of course, a beautiful candle to attract the power this Service needs. May it please the Spirits, and may it bring endless blessings on each of our customers!

To participate in our Service:



Photo Post: Noche De Animas, 2018

This photo post collects all the images from our Noche De Animas celebrations, from October 27 to November 1. Enjoy!


Our celebrations began with an offering of fire, created with bundles of wood collected during the entire year from our gardening and wildharvesting. In the pic above, you can see bundles of sticks of Rosemary, Basil, Heather, Eucalyptus, Yerbamora, and more. As you can imagine, it makes an extremely fragrant fire.


On a small table besides the fire, we created an altar to offer fresh herbs and scented candles, in front of the stone skull that Fernando carved several years ago. The stone was taken from a sacred area that our Ancestors, the Guanches, believed to be the land of the Dead. In front of the skull, you can see sage sticks, palo santo sticks, and a container with Storax resin, all to be offered to the fire.


Since we have only a roof terrace, we make our fires in a small barbeque – it’s safe, convenient, and perfect for our needs.


In Espiritismo, we prepare for the Noche De Animas exactly as we would for the visit of living family – we clean, we cook, and we make our home as beautiful as we can to let Spritis know how loved they are, and how appreciated their presence is. On Saturday, I made this flower arrangement for the altar, around a strawberry-scented candle that smells just divine. the flame was just dancing so high with joy, I had to take a dozen pics until I got the right one!


Two pounds of chestnuts for our Spirit family – some will be roasted and shared with them on the Noche De Animas, and the rest will be later taken to one of our ritual places outdoors, for the Spirits of the Land. A taste that brings me back to childhood, and to my beloved grandparents, since they are part of every winter tradition in the islands.


The altar, on the morning of the 31st. Apples, cinnamon, chestnuts, and goat milk with honey. Just perfect.


Between the many obligations of the day (besides the extra ritual, I had a regular work day too), we managed to make a midday escapade to the mountains, to take some offerings and explore a new wildharvesting area. These gorgeous olive trees are our newest friends. For North Africans, olive trees are one of the most sacred and important, as their fruit has been used for food, medicine, and the making of oil, since the beginning or our civilization.


Above – wreath made of Escobon (Cytisus Striatus, Spanish Broom) that we wildharvested that same day. It was made to honour the perfect circle of love between our world and the world of Spirits; after this holiday, and with a little extra bling, it will make a lovely Christmas decoration. Below, you can see it looking lovely in the altar.


And finally, November 1, a day to rest and recharge with a good ol’ horror movie marathon, homemade soup and a little embroidery. What a lovely, lovely week this has been!


Big News: Spiritual Services Are Back!

Customers, please read this post carefully, because it explains all future changes to the Services in detail. Thank you!

Of all the services I discontinued after falling ill, the Spiritual Services is without a doubt the one that I’ve received more questions and requests about. As I have recovered beyond expectations, and I’m feeling completely ready for it, I am bringing Spiritual Services back!

I have given a lot of thought on how to reach a level of compromise that allows me to bring back this Service without repeating the mistakes from the past (which, for me, was the tremendous amount of work a Service entails), while keeping the low price intact. I completely understand that, with a much lower price than Custom Spellwork, it is the more popular work of Bruja Carolina, so this was an absolute priority for me.

So, I have made a decision – while Services will suffer no changes or price increase, from now on, I will not be sending reports. This will lessen my workload greatly, without taking away any of the actual magical work for the Service, and will allow me to keep the really affordable price of 15€.

We will begin with a Financial Blessing Service on November 21. To purchase your participation, and read all details about it, please click on the picture below!

Financial Blessing Service, Nov 21