Magical Crafts: Abundance Wreath


I love to make special decorations for our Spiritual Services, that not only reflect the purpose of the Service itself, but also the seasons and their changes. For us, Autumn and Winter are vibrant, green, and filled with life – a perfect inspiration for the upcoming Financial Blessing Service on November 21, which will focus on abundance at all levels.



Starting with a blank wicker wreath, I added elements in green, gold, and red, the colours of wealth for me; berries for abundance, moss for healing, cinnamon for luck, bells for blessing, and of course, a beautiful candle to attract the power this Service needs. May it please the Spirits, and may it bring endless blessings on each of our customers!

To participate in our Service:




Photo Post: Noche De Animas, 2018

This photo post collects all the images from our Noche De Animas celebrations, from October 27 to November 1. Enjoy!


Our celebrations began with an offering of fire, created with bundles of wood collected during the entire year from our gardening and wildharvesting. In the pic above, you can see bundles of sticks of Rosemary, Basil, Heather, Eucalyptus, Yerbamora, and more. As you can imagine, it makes an extremely fragrant fire.


On a small table besides the fire, we created an altar to offer fresh herbs and scented candles, in front of the stone skull that Fernando carved several years ago. The stone was taken from a sacred area that our Ancestors, the Guanches, believed to be the land of the Dead. In front of the skull, you can see sage sticks, palo santo sticks, and a container with Storax resin, all to be offered to the fire.


Since we have only a roof terrace, we make our fires in a small barbeque – it’s safe, convenient, and perfect for our needs.


In Espiritismo, we prepare for the Noche De Animas exactly as we would for the visit of living family – we clean, we cook, and we make our home as beautiful as we can to let Spritis know how loved they are, and how appreciated their presence is. On Saturday, I made this flower arrangement for the altar, around a strawberry-scented candle that smells just divine. the flame was just dancing so high with joy, I had to take a dozen pics until I got the right one!


Two pounds of chestnuts for our Spirit family – some will be roasted and shared with them on the Noche De Animas, and the rest will be later taken to one of our ritual places outdoors, for the Spirits of the Land. A taste that brings me back to childhood, and to my beloved grandparents, since they are part of every winter tradition in the islands.


The altar, on the morning of the 31st. Apples, cinnamon, chestnuts, and goat milk with honey. Just perfect.


Between the many obligations of the day (besides the extra ritual, I had a regular work day too), we managed to make a midday escapade to the mountains, to take some offerings and explore a new wildharvesting area. These gorgeous olive trees are our newest friends. For North Africans, olive trees are one of the most sacred and important, as their fruit has been used for food, medicine, and the making of oil, since the beginning or our civilization.


Above – wreath made of Escobon (Cytisus Striatus, Spanish Broom) that we wildharvested that same day. It was made to honour the perfect circle of love between our world and the world of Spirits; after this holiday, and with a little extra bling, it will make a lovely Christmas decoration. Below, you can see it looking lovely in the altar.


And finally, November 1, a day to rest and recharge with a good ol’ horror movie marathon, homemade soup and a little embroidery. What a lovely, lovely week this has been!


The Goddess In The Stone: A Gift For My Readers

As most of you know, I am back at work since August 1, and feeling like new after being quite ill – to celebrate my healing, and to thank all of you for your kindness and support through this very challenging time, I am giving away a free comic!

The Goddess In The Stone is a five page comic  inspired by pre-islamic North African culture, where Goddess Allat was worshipped by my Berber ancestors. In the Canary Islands, the Goddess was called Chaxiraxi; after the Spanish colonization, she was syncretized with Our Lady Of Candelaria, whom is now our patroness. The comic was done in ink and watercolours, with no digital work except for adding the text.

Download your free PDF copy of The Goddess In The Stone by clicking the image below!

Visual Inspirations: Self-Care

After a very powerful talk with a customer, I made this graphic, which I hope will inspire you and empower you.
The year is about to end, we are all facing stressful times, and if want to survive and thrive, we absolutely need to be the strongest that we can be, the most badass version of ourselves. And that cannot happen without loving ourselves first – be your own lover, your best friend, your partner, your parent; only you can give yourself what you truly need.


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Visual Inspirations: My Favourite Images From 2017

Through an entire year, I can take literally thousands of photographs. Between garden and wildharvesting documentation, spellwork and candle work reports for customers, and social media, there is hardly a day when I don’t use my camera.

For this post, I have selected my ten favourite pictures of my work through 2017, in no particular order. Enjoy the witchy eye candy!

1: Offering of herbal fumigation sticks, made using herbs from the garden. Most of them were offered in a Spiritual Service.

2: While cleaning the altar, a ray of evening light falls on the tiny Kwan Yinn statue.

3: One of the pictures taken for the Winter Rose Tonic post. Lavender, Marigold, Wild Rose, Lemon and Honey.

4: Making a batch of herbal powders for my Spellwork and Candle work. Each powder is made using over twenty ingredients, mostly herbs from our sacred garden, plus other magical elements like minerals, soil from sacred places, roots, seeds, etc.

5: A very special altar for the day of the Canary Islands, featuring the statue of the Guanche Goddess, shells and stones from places of power in the island, and two handmade cedar Chácaras (like castanets, but much bigger and rounder).

6: Consecrating an oil for anointing candles, for one of our Blessing Services.

7: An offering of wildharvested green figs and Catmint flowers from the garden.

8: Beautiful bottles for my magical oils – they deserve no less! Some purchased, some found, and one from a dearest friend.

9: Flower arrangement for my godchild’s birthday Henna party.

10: Image taken for the Objects Of Power post, of a cleansing and recharging session of energy for my healing gemstones.


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Visual Inspirations: Spirit Doll Photoshoot

The pictures I posted on yesterday’s post about Spirit dolls were taken at the studio table, which has great light for working, but is not the nicest setting to showcase the work done on this doll. So, today I did a little staging with shells, feathers, and one of my favourite silk scarves, and as you can see, this looks so much better – the early morning light was warm and perfect for the powerful colours of the clothing.


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Visual Inspirations: An Amulet Collection

Now that the altar room has been repainted, and everything is back in its place, it’s time to make the room as beautiful and comfortable as possible for our Spiritual family, and the Ancestral Lines of our customers.

All these amulets were hanging around the house, doing their work :D, but this is something I’ve wanted to do for a while – to show them together as a collection in the altar room. Most of them were gifts, either from customers and friends around the world, or from Exu Okkada, so they all hold very special memories and meaning to me.

BTW, don’t forget to participate in our Noche De Animas Service :):


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Reflections: Holy Cards

This is one of the most enjoyable of all my personal spiritual practises: making and giving away Holy Cards. They are scanned from my personal collection, and cut and laminated by hand; after making them, they get a special blessing from me and my Spirit Guides.

Once blessed, they are sent for free along orders, given to anyone I meet, or left in public places where they will be found easily. The point is to give them all away quickly and without any choosing about who will find them – because everyone, absolutely everyone, can take an extra blessing :).

Being an Espiritista is, first of all and above all, being a messenger of Grace, of the Blessing of Spirits. While I have absolutely no problem or shame with charging for my work, hope is something we must always give freely and abundantly, and I do all I can to give that hope to others – through these posts on my social media, through caring of our wildharvesting areas, and of course through these Holy Cards.

In the pic, the latest batch, finished just yesterday. Today, I invite you to think of ways to extend the Holy Grace to others, in a new way. And don’t forget – there is no such thing as a small gesture. If you had had the most horrible day, and found Yemanya’s loving face in your cafeteria’s table, a Holy Card peeking from under the serviette holder… would you see that as something small?


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Visual Inspirations: A Collection

In the past few months, I’ve been posting little snippets of inspiration for my readers and social media followers. This post contains the first four, including a new one that was just created today – feel free to get them for personal use, and to share them (and the post itself) as you please!