Herbalism: Making Omiero

Water And Herbs From The Garden, To Be Used In The Herbal Wash

Afro-Latin magical terms that will be used in this post:
Omiero: a magical herbal wash, usually made for cleansing and blessing a space or a person. Term belongs mostly to Lukumi vocabulary.
Yerbero: a herbalist. The term is used both for medicinal and/or magical herbalism. Term is used in several Latin American countries, and also in the Canary Islands.
Corte: group of Spirits in Maria Lionza’s religion. Term belongs to the religion only.

An overview
The two main ingredients of Omiero are water and fresh herbs. The herbs must be cut in pieces, preferably by hand, and crushed with your hands so they release as much juice as possible. Then, they must be left overnight to steep; the following morning, the liquid is strained, and the herbs thoroughly squeezed, again by hand.

Tradition mantains that a knife’s blade should not touch any of the herbs, neither to harvest them nor to piece them, but in my opinion this is sometimes undoable. Ripping off pieces of plant with your bare hands can damage your plants, and woody stalks like Rosemary’s are just impossible to mince by hand, specially for someone like me, who suffers from fibromyalgia. I like to respect tradition as much as possible, so to go over this I just use my gardening scissors – I use them almost every day, so they are really charged with my energy, and they are not a knife.

Fresh herbs, minced and ready to be used.

Once the herbal liquid is made, the following procedure varies from tradition to tradition, and it would take me a whole book to describe them all, not to mention that most herbal recipes are a Yerbero’s secret (and so are mine). Omiero can be used as a floor wash for the home, as a Spiritual bath, to cleanse and feed altars/ritual tools/sacred spaces,etc. Just so, recipes are almost infinite, as well as the purpose – it is usually made to cleanse and bless, but recipes can be adapted to other needs.

Just so, it can be used along with any other staples of our practise, for any of the uses above – with Holy Water, with Agua Florida, with blueing, with salt, etc. That, of course, depends on the Yerbero’s experience, and on the use it will be given. To give it more power, Omiero can be prayed over, and each recipe and use can be joined with specific Spirits or Cortes. In my practise as a Espiritista, this is a requirement; we ask all the Cortes of Spirits to bless the Omiero, with a special request for those Cortes that hold spirits of Yerberos.

Charging The Herbal Washes

Note: take a look at the pictures I am showing in this post – as you can see above, the bowls were so full of herbs that the candle plates could stand over them without sinking. THAT is the correct proportion of herbs and water to make Omiero, if you want it to actually work. This is very important!

Some Questions

Can I make Omiero myself? Of course, this is only a herbal wash and it has many names accross different religions and practises. In my opinion, you should not call it Omiero if your path is outside the religions of the African Diaspora, so please refrain from doing that, and choose a term that is in consonance with your own path, and herbs you are familiar with. If your path does not have a specific term, just use herbal wash or cold infusion.

Can Omiero be made with dry herbs? In my opinion and experience, no. If one ingredient is absolutely required, and it’s out of season, it can be added dry because there is no alternative, but the point is that a good Yerbero can always find seasonal herbs for every recipe, and does not need to do that. The energy of fresh herbs cannot be matched in power. That is also the reason why there is no such thing as pre-made or commercial Omiero.

Can Omiero be stored? Only for a couple of days in the fridge, as it is used. When I make a batch, I schedule all the uses beforehand, so I know how much to make, and how much time I need to set aside to use it as quickly as possible. Usually, it is gone in 48 hours or less.

Once steeped overnight and strained – such lovely colour!

A Few Simple Recipes For Herbal Floor Washes

All of the following recipes are meant to be made in small amounts, for your personal use, and only as floor washes. A breakfast bowl full of fresh minced herbs, and the same amount of water, will do. Once the herbs have steeped, and you have followed the recipe’s instructions, add the liquid to a full bucket of clean water, and wash your floors. Always, start at the bottom of the house towards the front entrance, and throw away the remaining liquid on the street (preferably at night when no-one can see you).

For Protection And Cleansing: Rosemary, Lavender, Lemongrass, Sage and Fennel. Once strained, mix with a shotglass of Holy Water, a couple of drops of Azulillo (blueing), and use.

To Bring Peace To The Household: the petals of five white Roses, Peppermint, Spikenard flowers, Lavender and Rosemary. One strained, add a shotglass of Rose Water, a shotglass of Holy Water, and use.

To Bring Financial Blessings (this is for stores and offices, not homes unless you work from home): Cinnamon, Ginger root, Basil, Lemongrass and Spearmint. Once strained, add a shotglass of Ron Miel (Honey Rum), a shotglass of lemon juice, and use.

To Remove Negative Spirit/Energy: Rue, Thyme, Sage, Fennel and Holy Basil. Once strained, add a shotglass of rubbing alcohol, a handful of salt and use.

The last picture is from the altar, looking lovely and glowing after being cleansed with part of the Omiero, all ready for our upcoming Summer Solstice Blessing Service! By the way, if you want to read more about this Service, and participate, you can do so HERE.

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Service Preparations: Cigars

In the pictures, you can see the regular cigar offering for our upcoming Summer Solstice Blessing Service. Cigars are one of the most important staples in our Espiritismo tradition; they are used to clean sacred spaces, to open communication with Spirits, and as a divination tool (as in reading in the shape of ashes, and on how the cigar burns).

But, these are not regular cigars, of course. Leaving aside the fact that they are completely handmade, and that the Canary Islands has a great tradition of cigar making that is world famous (so the quality itself is astounding), the cigars that will be used in any ceremony must be “sobados” – this word, that literally means “caressed”, refers to the procedure of carefully anointing them with a mixture of magical elements, prayed over and left to dry for a few days before using them. This purifies them from any negative energy they may have caught, and prepares them to be a medium that the Spirits will use to speak.

These were purchased the past weekend, to an artisan business from the island of La Palma, and the Sobado ceremony has just been applied to them. They will be left to air dry for a few hours, and then they will be carefully stored in a wooden box until the day of the Service.

If you want to read more about our upcoming Summer Solstice Blessing Service, and participate, you can do so HERE.

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Spiritual Work: Guia Necklaces In Espiritismo

I’m in the middle of a long day of work restringing some of our Guia necklaces – these get plenty of use, so it’s totally normal that need to be restrung and/or renewed from time to time. I took the lovely photo above to document them, and I thought this would make a good blog post for today, giving you an outline of what Guia necklaces are.

Guia necklaces are a very important tool for Espiritistas in Maria Lionza’s religion:

· They keep us protected and grounded during channelling and trance work;

· They protect us from parasitic spiritual entities, a big problem for mediums in training, and a very dangerous one;

· They put us in a constant, and very powerful, connection with the Spirits they represent;

· They deflect negativity and harmful magic from others, and keep our energy and vibration high.

Of course, these have to be made in specific conditions, under the presence of Spirits, and by an initiate. Some belong to the patronage of a specific Spirit, and some to a Corte (group of Spirits). The patterns of colours and beads are dictated by the Spirit or Corte they belong to, and can vary greatly depending on what the Spirits want at any given moment, so there are no fixed combinations. Besides beads, Guías can include shells, wood, talismans, seeds, nuts, bones/teeth of animals, feathers, and all kind of natural elements, depending on the Spirit they serve.

This is not just jewelry making – these must be made in a completely sacred environment, and under the energy of a powerful working altar. Stringing them is only the first part of the work – after creating the necklace, the Guías must be charged through ritual, and must be fed the offerings that Spirits dictate; for as long as they are used, they will be cleansed and re-fed regularly, and kept in the altar with great care when not in use, as the sacred tool they are.

Guías are usually not pre-made or purchased, because it is extremely useful that the Spirit or Spirits dictates what are the signs each practitioner needs to wear. Although each Spirit has favourite colours or ornaments, and it is expected that certain elements will be repeated, others are not. Your Guia necklace should be unique, because you have unique needs, and unique features as an Espiritista. So, it is quite usual that the most crafty person within a Spiritual community takes the role of Guía maker, and makes them only for the community they are involved in, under the guidance of Spirits and of the Banco (the head of the community).

Although it is understood that you will wear them at least once every day, it is not mandatory to wear them at all times. Some initiates prefer to wear them all day, and some only while performing spiritual work; some choose to have an “everyday” Guia that they wear all the time, and keep the rest for Spirit work time – imagine going to the gym with five pounds of fragile, expensive beads on your neck!

Guia necklaces have some rules, and while they can vary from Spirit to Spirit and from community to community, some general rules apply – they cannot be worn when sleeping, and you should not participate in fights or any acts of violence while wearing them. Usually, it is not recommended to have sexual intercourse wearing them, specially if that intercourse is with a non-initiate. When you take them off, you cannot just leave them in a tangle on the bedside table or the bathroom. In any case, the point is not to wear the necklaces in any situation that would diminish their energy levels, because it would be like parking your car and leaving the engine on; after a while, the battery will die and make the car useless.

One last note – while there may be similarities, these have nothing to do with Santería’s Elekes, which are given through specific ceremonies, and that follow an entirely different set of rules. We can, of course, wear Guias that represent an Orisha, because the Orishas are a much loved part of the Spirits we work with, but that doesn’t make them Elekes.

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Spiritual Work: A Few Easy Spells

While it is known that I am a supporter of tradition and secrecy in Afro-Latin Magic being completely respected, and I would never reveal spells that belong only to initiates of any religion of the Diaspora, we also have plenty of what would be considered Folk Magic, and that almost anyone with a little experience with Magic can perform. These spells were first published on my Newsletter in 2012, and come from my learning with my Madrina’s Lukumi community; I’ve re-written the post quite a bit, adding much more content, and honestly, because my English is much better now :).

While I understand that most of my readers are already practitioners of any of the religions of the Diaspora, and will be familiar with most terms, there is a significant percentage that comes from European-based Paganism traditions. I have also added some notes directed at them that I thought helpful, specially about ingredients that may not be of regular use to them.

Spell For Good Luck And Protection

Materials: a square of white cloth, white thread, three garlic cloves, a pinch of Spearmint, a pinch of Parsley.

Make a small bag filling the cloth with the herbs and garlic, and tie it with the white thread, making seven knots. Go to seven places where you can find Holy Water* and, without being noticed, dip the bag in the water asking Obatala to give the amulet power for luck and protection. Do not let anyone see your amulet, and keep it hidden always.

*The water does not need to be Catholic Holy Water, of course. It can even be water from springs or fountains, as long as they hold true spiritual power to you. Also, the pilgrimage to those seven places does not have to be done in one day, but the amulet won’t work until it’s done.

A Spell For Attraction (Of Any Kind)

While this spell is used mostly for attracting a partner, it can be used for other means too; to attract a raise, a promotion, better relations, peace in the family, etc. It can be recharged every full moon, and the colour of the candle can be adapted to the specific purpose of the spell.

Materials: a red candle, a glass bowl, a charm made of pure silver (a coin, a cross, a medal, or something similar – shape is not important, but the material is), Holy Water, orange blossom water, Florida Water*, basil juice**.

Under the light of the full Moon, stick the red candle in the centre of the bowl, and then add all the liquids, about a shotglass of each. Place the charm inside this mix, and pray to the full Moon to attract whatever you need. Let the bowl outside all night, leaving the candle on until it burns off by itself. In the morning, take the charm and wear it as a pendant, or inside a fabric bag next to your skin; the mix of waters can also be used as a personal attraction perfume for a few days.

* Again, the Holy Water does not need to be from a Christian Church, and can be blessed by yourself. Both orange blossom water and Florida Water can usually be found at Botanicas, and should not be substituted by homemade ones, because honestly, the recipes going around on the Internet are a joke.

**Basil juice is made by liquifying fresh leaves and stalks of Basil, by hand or in a juicer/blender.

Remember safety when leaving magical works outside all night. If you cannot assure safety, leave it outside, but turn off the candle when you finish. No Spirit wants you to be in danger!

A Spell To Break A Stagnant Situation

In this spell, I am using the word Potencia, that literally means just Power, but for us in Maria Lionza’s religion, it means the Spirit that owns your head – that can be an Orisha if you are a Lukumi, a Lwa if you practise Haitian Voodoo, and so on. This is not exactly the same as a Patron Deity – there are many subtleties that are lost in translation, and that change from practise to practise.

Materials: A new and unused white handkerchief; five copper coins of the same currency and amount, three candies, seven peppercorns, white paper, green ink/marker, white thread, honey.

Write your petition to your Potencia on the paper with the green ink, and place it on the handkerchief. Place also the pennies, the candies and the pepper seeds above it and, using the thread, tie the handkerchief to make a small packet. Take the bag to your Potencia’s sacred place, feed it with plenty of honey, and leave the place without looking back. At home, light a candle to your Potencia for three days – the candle can be white, or in their representing colour.

A Spell To Protect The Household

Materials: 2 whole coconuts, eight white taper candles and one white pillar candle, rum, honey, cascarilla*, cleansing/protecting oil.

Starting on a Monday, rub a whole coconut with cascarilla, rum and your favourite cleansing oil and place it on a bowl behind your front door. For eight days, you will place a candle on the top of the coconut, also anointed with cleansing oil and cascarilla, and you will offer it to Eleggua. You don’t need to let the candle burn completely if you can’t, but it has to be renewed every day. Each day, ask him to protect the household against enemies, envy and negativity.

On the eighth day, take the coconut (remove wax and bowl) to the woods, and leave it at a crossroad. It is extremely important that you don’t look back when you leave, or you will offend the Spirit. Back home, cut the other coconut in two, and mix the coconut water with lots of rum and honey. Fill both halves of the coconut with that mixture, and offer it to Eleggua along with the pillar candle. Burn it for three days, to thank him for his protection. On the fourth day, you can throw all remains away.

*Cascarilla is a cleansing and blessing staple in Afro-Latin magic, similar to white chalk. My advice is to get it at a Botanica, because despite what is said online, it is NOT just powdered eggshell. Powdered eggshell has its own value, have no doubt of that, but Cascarilla is actually a very complex recipe.

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Notice For Customers: Spiritual Service On June 21

A Spiritual Service is a ritual made for a group of customers, as opposed to Custom Candlework/Spellwork, which is made only for one – hence the much lower price. The ritual usually consists of offerings to the Spirits (candles, drinks, food, incenses, flowers, etc.), prayers (traditional to Espiritismo, and my own), drumming/music sessions, etc. The purpose of the ritual can be as varied as Custom Spellwork is. On June 21, day of the Summer Solstice, we will be repeating our very successful Blessing Service.
What Is This Service For?
· To attract good luck, opportunities, and new blessings of every kind into your life.
· To bring you special protection against negative people, circumstances and entities.
· To empower your health at all levels – physical, mental, and spiritual.
· To bless your home and family.
· To help you achieve your goals, and to help you find new goals.
· To remove whatever is no longer a blessing in your life, and release burdens and negative environments and relationships.
Read more about it and participate at:

May 30, Day Of The Canary Islands

My small collection of Guanche reproduction statues.

Today, May 30, it is the day of the Canary Islands. It is a holiday for the two Canarian provinces, and all over the seven islands there are Romerías (pilgrimages with parades and dances), Bailes De Magos (traditional folkloric dance shows), and celebrations at all levels. Although it is very early in the morning as I am writing this, I am sure the scent of barbeques all over our neighbourhood will begin to spread very soon.

For us, it is a day of communing with our Ancestors and our heritage. We are fiercely Canarian all year round, and honour our Ancestry almost daily, as all Espiritistas and Curanderos do – but still, today we take that extra step to celebrate with our spiritual family. Please allow me today to share a bit of ourselves with you.

A Brief Introduction To Our History

Canarians descend from the Guanches, the aboriginal inhabitants of the islands, which were of Amazigh Berber origin. The Spanish invaded the islands in the 15th century, enslaving and slaughtering thousands of Guanches. Although the invasion actually took two centuries because of the fierce resistance of the Guanches, in the 17th century the islands were finally part of Spain’s territories – during those two centuries, Guanches were stolen of their very existence and unique culture, forced to baptized into Christianity and speak Spanish, and became Canarians.

From there, Guanche history was erased from all areas of education and culture, and it still is an outlaw in many ways. It survived in folkloric traditions, and in the underground of society itself, as it always happens with colonized people. Craft and agricultural traditions, musical folklore, curanderismo, and our unique dialect*, still exist thanks to oral traditions, to the presence of the elderly in our families, and in syncretism with Christian practises and customs.

I have to say – even though we are extremely critical of any colonization, we are not Guanche reconstructionists, and we do not deny our identity as colonized people, because our direct Ancestors are part of it, and because we are too. It was my paternal grandmother, a devout Christian and totally patriotic Spanish lady, who inspired my love for Our Lady Of Candelaria, the colonized advocation of Guanche Goddess Chaxiraxi. So, I do not honour Spanish culture, but I do respect my own Ancestors’ traditions and life experience.

*Canarians speak Canarian, a dialect of Spanish and Guanche language that has been recently recognized as such by the Real Academia De La Lengua Española, the highest authority on the matter in Spain. We also speak with an entirely different accent to the rest of Spain.

Our Lady Of Candelaria, Patroness of Canarians.

Our Traditions On This Day

To be completely honest, this day is not really so different from our everyday life, because of the work I do, and because we do make a conscious effort on preserving our culture all year round. Today, we are only slightly more Canarian than we are the rest of the year :D.

Since I work mostly with international customers, I don’t take the day off, but after my work is finished, we prepare to enjoy the day with our Spiritual family. Of course, the first step is to cleanse our home, physically and spiritually. We will be receiving the visit of our Spirit family, and we want them to be happy and proud. After the regular cleaning, the house is cleansed with herbal incense smoke, and blessed with Holy Water.

The altar, of course, gets candles all day, and simple offerings of fresh water, incense or herbs. The celebration is not closed only to our biological Ancestry, so all the entities we work with are invited to participate in an informal way. Most will visit briefly to give their blessing along the day.

Canarian food will definitely be on the menu: today, it will be Puchero Canario, which is a dish of stewed vegetables and meat that we both love. Again, not so different from any other day, because we make this dish very often, since it’s so tasty and healthy – but today, our Ancestors get served at the table, instead of at the altar, and share the meal with us.

Without a fail, we eat gofio, a toasted flour made with many different grains that is absolutely essential to our gastronomy and culture. Since gofio is already toasted prior to grinding it, it does not need to be cooked, so it’s usually kneaded into soft balls with honey and milk, and eaten that way along any kind of dish, or by itself. It’s filled with nutrients (vitamins, fiber and minerals aplenty), so it’s usually part of a power breakfast, or eaten as a snack through the day.

It is very likely that the day will end in the garden, burning some herbs in the barbeque. Although this is not a Canarian tradition at all, I am a Bruja, and I love Burning Stuff Magic :D. Herbs of cleansing and protection are used to keep negative entities and energies away from our home and our neighbourhood – Rosemary, Rue, Wormwood, Moorish Sage, and Canarian Juniper will be the most likely options.

In all, it is a happy and relaxed day with family, that celebrates who we are, and who we can become. I sincerely hope you enjoyed this post – here’s a short documentary about Tenerife, my island, that showcases the most beautiful cities and landscapes. It’s in English, so all readers can enjoy it!







A Letter To My Customers: You Don’t Pay Me For Results

Custom Spellwork, 2016

From time to time, I get a message from someone asking me if they can pay for spellwork after it has been performed, and of course IF they see results. After so many years in the business, it doesn’t even bother me, and I can understand where this question comes from, so this is not a rant at all – but I thought it would be a good subject for today’s blog post, since people making this kind of question may be simply misleaded into thinking that what I offer is the promise of results.

The answer is very simple: of course, no. You don’t pay me for results, you pay me for providing a Service. I am not a fairy with a magic wand that grants wishes in exchange for payment, I am an Espiritista, and an Espiritista doesn’t have that power, or any. Results do not come from me, they come from God* and the Spirits. An Espiritista is only the communicator, the channel that makes sure that your petition is heard and attended.

And, this is something I’ve said again and again – sometimes, God and the Spirits will say no to your petition, and no human has the right to know why, because none of us is allowed to have such understanding of the future while we are in our incarnated form. Rules of the game of being a human entity.

The most obvious answer is that your petition will be blocked because what you have asked for is not good for you, and they are protecting you from further harm; but I am just as human as any of my customers is, and I understand very well how much it sucks to have your desires denied. I have had them denied too, and I’ve felt angry too, and I didn’t understand why, just like anyone would do. This is why I never take it personally when I get asked questions about results – because I have been where my customers are, and I understand.

Results are not my personal merit, because they cannot be. If you actually believe that a worker’s power decides with spellwork what your fate will be, you are assuming a passive position that I certanly do not wish to any of my customers. I want my customers empowered, making active decisions about their lives, and me just being the intermediary between my customers and the world of Spirits.

And believe me, being an Espiritista is a full time job, and more, much more. We are required a very strong discipline of personal work, meditation, long hours of prayer, purification of ourselves and our space, altar care, Spirit devotion, even diet restrictions. My work is to keep the channel for Spirit communication as clean and empowered as posible, and in this world, that is not easy. When I say I live the life of a nun, I am not exaggerating one bit. And of course, that includes no days off, no holidays and no excuses. Absolutely no excuses.

In what comes to spellwork itself, not only I have developed a system that gives absolutely every customer the same chances of success, I also take great care and pride in providing the absolute best materials for your work, to please and honour the Spirits as they deserve, and as YOU deserve. I grow and wildharvest all the herbs used. I make all the oils, herbal powders, salts, and any magical products used in your work. I buy offerings only from local, eco-conscious, cruelty-free sources. I purchase only the most quality candles and incenses. And so on – when it comes to the work I perform, there is no detail left to chance, and no shortcut.

And those two points above is what you pay me for. You pay me for my level of dedication and devotion, and you pay me for the best Service you can find – and in my opinion, those two points are proved, and my prices are extremely fair for the level of skill and dedication I provide. That is my merit, and not results.

One final note: nothing speaks of my work like the words of my customers. If you want to read testimonials from them, and see what their experience was, you can do so Here.

*Note to the use of the work God: I don’t add any specific characteristics to the word God, because I am way past that kind of thinking. Feel free to add those characteristics yourself when you read this post, as per your own idea of what/who God is. For me, God only means the Spiritual Force that is above the Spirits.


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Magical Crafts: Home Blessing Amulet

This project started with an abandoned display box that Fernando restored and fixed. None of us collects anything that needs display, so the box was unused and looking a bit sad in Fernando’s workshop. But this week I came with an idea for it – since the box had the shape of a house, I would make a non-permanent amulet for the protection of our home.

Although I think the project is beautiful indeed, and I believe beauty to be a tremendous magical power by itself, this is not decoration to make nice Pinterest posts – this is a real magical work, and so, it works, because of the power of each item by itself, and by the power of the chosen combination.

These are all items from my personal collection of amulets and magical items, so be mindful of what you put in your project. When not in use, all these items are kept in my altar area at all times, regularly recharged and fed appropriately, and away from any disturbing energies, so each one of them is at their optimum power whenever they are needed. If you just pick stuff randomly because it looks neat or “witchy”, you’ll have a neat decoration, but nothing more. Not that there is anything wrong with a nice decoration, but as I said, this is a magical work.

Below, you will find a detailed list of what I used and why, but is not a recipe; it’s something you should adapt to your own life, and your own path. So, take this list only a suggestion, and work from there towards your own version.

AND REMEMBER – NO CANDLES. No matter how small the candle is, it can cause the wood to heat until it starts burning. This is an amulet, not an altar, so there’s no need for them anyway.

Left side, from top to bottom:

· Antique keys and a greek evil eye glass amulet, hanging from the house chimney – so the home is protected and “closed” against negativity.

· A holy card of Mary Help Of Christians, patroness of our neighbourhood, so we are always in the presence, and under the protection, of our loving mother.

· A goat horn, an owl feather and a root – for our land and its Spirits, so we stay connected to our heritage and identity.

· A stick of cinnamon for luck and good business, and a stick of Palo Santo for cleansing and protection.

· A bundle of Rosemary from the garden, that will be changed when dry, for protection and banishing of negative entities.

Right Side, from top to bottom:

· A knife and a dog’s jaw bone, to guard the house against burglars, damage from weather, etc.

· Gemstones – choose from your favourites, and for your own needs. I chose Agate and Rutilated Quartz for mental clarity, Citrine for good business, Garnet and Malachite for good health, and Hematite for growth and stability.

· Shells – for the protection of love and family.

· A stack of coins for prosperity – since my customers come from all over the world, the coins are of many different types and countries.

· A glass filled with salt, to absorb negativity. This will be changed for a new one regularly.

· A glass filled with Holy Water, for protection – again, this will be changed regularly.

· A Holy Card of Saint Barbara – I personally relate her to protection magic, so this was a totally personal choice.


Happy Valentine’s Day: On Love Spells


As every year, just as Valentine’s Day comes, some people like to sit in a very high horse, and point fingers from there, telling everyone how wrong both practitiones and customers are for doing (or asking for) love spells. Personally, I care very little about this kind of Internet debates, so do not take this article as my reply to them: this post is for my customers, so they can understand which is my position on this.

First, I do not judge my customers’ desires, because God* did not put me in this world to judge. I am not nearly as wise, as all-seeing, as to pretend that I can judge anyone’s choices, so I just don’t. Whether if I personally think my customers will be granted their request or not, it’s not my FUCKING BUSINESS, because I am not the one who grants them; I am merely the mediator between my customers and the Spirit world. I am here to provide a Service, and serve my customers in the way THEY want to be served; I have no guru delusions at all. My personal opinion is, to all effects, irrelevant.

I do not deny, because I am not a “love and light” Bruja, that sometimes the requests are selfish, dominant, and most likely unfair. There are requests that have you thinking “girl, you are going to regret this!” – but again, it is NOT my life, and whatever consequences come from that spell, good or bad, are for the person who requests it, not for me. I do not treat my customers as if they were children – it is their work to understand what they are buying, and what they are requesting, and not mine. My customers are empowered people, they know what they want from life, and my work is to help them get exactly what they want, being a communicator with the Spirits that can help them get there – again, I do not play guru.

Second, the scenario is not nearly as terrible as these people want to make you think – yes, there are some seriously deranged people (as there are in every profession and area of life), but the truth is that I have done thousands (literally) of spells that helped couples solve their differences and find communication; that helped then find the “spice” back and empowered their intimate life; that removed blocks of interference from outside the relationship, and allowed them to move forward together; that helped people who lived far from each other come closer. When it comes to love spells, most people have nothing but good intentions in their hearts; couples can go through temendous stress, through terrible misunderstandings, and we all need a little magic sometimes when the shit has hit the fan. None of us is free from making huge mistakes, or from falling in love with someone who has made a huge mistake. In my opinion, it is very prideful to say “I will never do this kind of magic” because we never know the circumstances we will face in this life, and how desperately we will need help from the Spirits. I was born with very little privileges, so whatever is essential in my life, I have every right to defend it to the very end, and I will. And, the truth that applies for me, applies for all those I work with.

And, before I finish, let me add something – if doing love spells doesn’t adhere to your beliefs for whatever reasons, FINE. As I said at the beginning of this post, this is not a debate for me, and as long as you don’t go around pointing fingers, I will ALWAYS respect your decision AND your religious beliefs. But, not all religions work that way – love spells, both binding and non-binding, are a completely common practise in many religions of the African Diaspora, and in plenty of other cultures around the world. In my religion (Espiritismo), there is no such thing as the Three-Fold law, OR as Hell, OR as Karma, and we are not fearing any kind of repercussions, from God or from the Magic itself. We are free to perform Magic as we see fit, and we are free to live our life as we see fit – if we make wrong choices, we face the consequences, just as everyone; but that is not something we see as an unbreakable magical law, that is just life.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

*I do not adhere to a specific concept of what, and who, God is. For me, the only meaning of the word is “the source of Energy that is above the Spirits”, but I do not add any more qualities to that energy. Insert whatever you want there, male or female, one or many, all-powerful or not.

A Final Note – feel free to comment, but keep your religious bigotry away. Comments telling me I’m going to hell, that I’m breaking this or that law, or anything like that, will simply not be approved. I’m really not interested, so don’t waste your time and mine.


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New Ebook Available: Santa Muerte Business Spell


This 18 page PDF file includes all the information necessary to perform a spell with Santa Muerte. This spell is intended to help business owners and independent professionals increase business at all levels. It can be repeated as many times as needed, and the materials are easy to find and inexpensive. The ritual is simple, and can be made in the privacy of your home and at your own pace; no previous knowledge of spellwork is required.

My husband and I designed this spell for someone who is beginning her journey as a Santa Muerte devotee – It is, of course, deeply rooted in the practises of Curanderismo, but has been simplified so that practitioners of any spiritual path, and at any level of learning, can perform it.

During this process, I wrote all the notes that I have used to build this ebook, and that will help you understand the process fully, specially if this is your first work with Santa Muerte. May it bring you all success!

It includes plenty of original photographs for additional information, plus two printable pages for your Magical Journal, featuring the prayer that is used in the ritual, in both Spanish and English.

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My Main Website: brujacarolina.com – Tarot and Spiritual Services

Art And Illustration Portfolio: The Art Of Carolina Gonzalez

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