Eight Powerful Tips To Become A Better Practitioner Before The Year Ends


I do not believe in New Year’s resolutions at all, but when it comes to our spirituality, I certainly believe in the power of simple and effective action. Here are some extremely magical things you can do before the year ends that may change the course of energy of 2019:

· Clean the damn altar, the damn apothecary, or the damn magical library (insert smile emoji here). You know it’s time.

· Set a time for daily and weekly practise, and f***ing stick to it. This is just like exercising; consistency beats everything else, and it is the root of all power.

· Also, plan your yearly rituals so they don’t catch you unprepared. No, it’s not too soon.

· Stop second guessing yourself when it comes to your path, and stop being afraid of true spiritual experiences. Success is always for those who dare. Think of a practise that would make you a better practitioner, and do whatever is needed to make it a reality.

· If you have debts with a Spirit, fulfill them before the year ends. Spirits are not vending machines for your desires.

· If you promised to yourself that you would start something this year – a new practise, a book of shadows, a herbal garden – do ONE thing towards accomplishing it before December 31, no matter how small it is. Everything starts with one single step.

· Speaking of gardens, it is time to stop procrastinating when it comes to connecting with Mother Nature. As with your yearly rituals, you can start planning special pilgrimages right after you finish reading this blog post.

· If you are facing emotionally stressing situations with family this season, remember your own power and WORK something; a protection charm, a glamour work, a sweetening jar, or whatever the situation needs. If you can’t do it yourself, get the work done by a professional – you will not regret having peace of mind!

· And finally – remember that our Winter Solstice Blessing Service is just four days away! Get your participation HERE.

The blog will be taking a break until January 7, which is the end of the season in Spain. Wishing you a very blessed and magical holiday!


Preparing For The Solstice: Easy Cleansing Rituals


If you are participating in our Winter Solstice Blessing Service, this weekend is a perfect time to do cleansing work on yourself and your home, to get rid of stagnant energy from the whole year, and be absolutely open to receive the blessings of Spirits on the 21st. Here are some really easy rituals that everyone can perform:

· Wash your floors with a mixture of Holy/Blessed Water and salt. Begin at the farthest point, go towards the entrance of the home, and throw the water away when you finish.

· Do smoke fumigation with dry Rosemary and/or Wormwood and/or Eucalyptus over a charcoal. Follow the same method explained above.

· Get a spiritual bath with fresh Rosemary and Thyme. To avoid herb bits all over you, use a coffee filter as a single-use bag, or a cotton/muslim cloth bag. If possible, let the bath air dry on your skin.

· Light white and golden candles every day for a while, and decorate for the Solstice to your heart’s delight. Ornaments with bells, chimes, or anything that creates noise, are specially blessed.

· Perfume your home by simmering cinnamon sticks, an apple, the skin of an orange, and a dozen cloves. Negative entities just hate good scents!

And of course, if you haven’t purchased your participation yet, you can do so here:


Photo Post: Noche De Animas, 2018

This photo post collects all the images from our Noche De Animas celebrations, from October 27 to November 1. Enjoy!


Our celebrations began with an offering of fire, created with bundles of wood collected during the entire year from our gardening and wildharvesting. In the pic above, you can see bundles of sticks of Rosemary, Basil, Heather, Eucalyptus, Yerbamora, and more. As you can imagine, it makes an extremely fragrant fire.


On a small table besides the fire, we created an altar to offer fresh herbs and scented candles, in front of the stone skull that Fernando carved several years ago. The stone was taken from a sacred area that our Ancestors, the Guanches, believed to be the land of the Dead. In front of the skull, you can see sage sticks, palo santo sticks, and a container with Storax resin, all to be offered to the fire.


Since we have only a roof terrace, we make our fires in a small barbeque – it’s safe, convenient, and perfect for our needs.


In Espiritismo, we prepare for the Noche De Animas exactly as we would for the visit of living family – we clean, we cook, and we make our home as beautiful as we can to let Spritis know how loved they are, and how appreciated their presence is. On Saturday, I made this flower arrangement for the altar, around a strawberry-scented candle that smells just divine. the flame was just dancing so high with joy, I had to take a dozen pics until I got the right one!


Two pounds of chestnuts for our Spirit family – some will be roasted and shared with them on the Noche De Animas, and the rest will be later taken to one of our ritual places outdoors, for the Spirits of the Land. A taste that brings me back to childhood, and to my beloved grandparents, since they are part of every winter tradition in the islands.


The altar, on the morning of the 31st. Apples, cinnamon, chestnuts, and goat milk with honey. Just perfect.


Between the many obligations of the day (besides the extra ritual, I had a regular work day too), we managed to make a midday escapade to the mountains, to take some offerings and explore a new wildharvesting area. These gorgeous olive trees are our newest friends. For North Africans, olive trees are one of the most sacred and important, as their fruit has been used for food, medicine, and the making of oil, since the beginning or our civilization.


Above – wreath made of Escobon (Cytisus Striatus, Spanish Broom) that we wildharvested that same day. It was made to honour the perfect circle of love between our world and the world of Spirits; after this holiday, and with a little extra bling, it will make a lovely Christmas decoration. Below, you can see it looking lovely in the altar.


And finally, November 1, a day to rest and recharge with a good ol’ horror movie marathon, homemade soup and a little embroidery. What a lovely, lovely week this has been!


Big News: Spiritual Services Are Back!

Customers, please read this post carefully, because it explains all future changes to the Services in detail. Thank you!

Of all the services I discontinued after falling ill, the Spiritual Services is without a doubt the one that I’ve received more questions and requests about. As I have recovered beyond expectations, and I’m feeling completely ready for it, I am bringing Spiritual Services back!

I have given a lot of thought on how to reach a level of compromise that allows me to bring back this Service without repeating the mistakes from the past (which, for me, was the tremendous amount of work a Service entails), while keeping the low price intact. I completely understand that, with a much lower price than Custom Spellwork, it is the more popular work of Bruja Carolina, so this was an absolute priority for me.

So, I have made a decision – while Services will suffer no changes or price increase, from now on, I will not be sending reports. This will lessen my workload greatly, without taking away any of the actual magical work for the Service, and will allow me to keep the really affordable price of 15€.

We will begin with a Financial Blessing Service on November 21. To purchase your participation, and read all details about it, please click on the picture below!

Financial Blessing Service, Nov 21

On Repeating Works


One of the conversations I have more often with customers is about repeating works – more specifically, if it’s worth it. This morning, I had it once again, so I thought it would be a good subject for today’s post.

For some reason, people tend to think that if spellwork doesn’t give them exactly what they wanted at the very first try, either it’s never going to happen, it’s the spellcaster’s fault, or even their own fault. I have to say that, while this is not completely impossible, actually it is very rarely true.

In Espiritismo, we are taught and encouraged to fight for what we want, to show our devotion often and abundantly, and not give up on our dreams – and so, repeating works is a completely regular part of our practise. We do not treat the Spirits as a vending machine that’s there to serve our wishes – we accept that sometimes, things will not be achieved without certain sacrifice, commitment, and effort.

So, let me invite you today to rethink the dreams you did not achieve, and try for them again. Your Espiritista is here to help you <3 <3 <3.

New Series: Pictures Of The Week – 2018, Week 39

This post series features the best and most magical pictures I post during the week on social media (check links below). Hopefully, this will show how varied and devoted our work is, and how many different things we do in only seven days!

The Autumn Equinox brought us a lovely gift – this gorgeous Colonial-style piece of furniture for our altar, with plenty of storage space and room for all statues, and fabulous carvings of fruit wreaths. Courtesy of Romani neighbours who were throwing it away, which always means an extra pinch of luck :).
The week had a busy start, shipping the weekend’s orders, running errands, and preparing for the work of the week. Stopped by the local candle shop to get some Tres Reyes incense, a mixture of resins that they make for the churches of the island, and probably my favourite incense in the world. The first serving is, of course, for the spirit family.

Captured this lovely fat orb yesterday while taking pictures of the lovely gardens in the road of San Diego. It is one of my favourite places for walking, since it’s known as an area where Akelarres happened – in case you don’t know, Akelarre is the word for a reunion of Witches, a word from Basque language. FYI – the photograph was taken without flash, in the shade, and on extremely hot and dry weather. I am a very decent photographer, so I can assure that this is not a lens reflection of any kind. Not that I need this as a sign of Spirits around us, but it’s always nice when it happens :).

Flowers for the Spirit family, from the city’s farmer market. Fresh flowers and herbs are food for the Spirit, and a staple in Espiritismo’s practise. The carnation is one of the most cultivated flowers in the islands, and to me, a flower that represents joy and abundance – perfect to let Spirits know how much we love them.

A very happy addition to our herbal garden – this beautiful Laurel specimen. A tree of protection, banishing, and cleansing – a true holy warrior, and one of the most sacred trees of the islands; we have several endemic species of Laurel, which give their name to the Laurisilva forest, a unique type of prehistoric forest that is part of the Macaronesian islands (Canary Islands, Azores, Cape Verde and Madeira).

The end of the week caught us sorting and processing last week’s wildharvesting bounty, which was already dry.  In the pic above, Mastic Tree (Pistacia Lentiscus); in the one below, Canarian Wormwood (Artemisia Thuscula, endemic).

And finally, the weekend, which was spent working on the creation and consecration of a completely new Spiritual Bath for the shop: Siete Poderes. The purpose of this bath is to balance and restore your entire spiritual power, cleanse your energetic channels, and re-energize you completely. I am so happy with this product, and I’m sure our customers are just going to love it as much as I do. Check it HERE!


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New Series: Pictures Of The Week – 2018, Week 38

This post series features the best and most magical pictures I post during the week on social media (check links below). Hopefully, this will show how varied and devoted our work is, and how many different things we do in only seven days!

Sunday found us at the beautiful Mesa Mota mountain, gathering herbs. First wildharvesting trip of Autumn. Harvested Eucalyptus, Heather, Saint John’s Wort, Juniper, Mastic Tree, and Fig Tree.

The wildharvesting bounty, being sorted in bundles and baskets to be set to dry. In a few days it will be ready to be part of our Apothecary, and of course of our spellwork and candlework for customers. What a blessed life.

New holy cards for Saint Cyprian and Saint Barbara – as I have posted before (check this post), I make them as part of my ministry as an Espiritista, and give them away to anyone who wants one. Of course, all orders this week have got one of each :).
As the summer ends, the lovely Alyssum is finally growing back, making the bees happy with its gorgeous honey-like scent.
Despite having an extremely busy week, we managed to make time onThursday to visit the mountains of Las Mercedes, an area that was seen as the land of the dead by the Guanches of Tenerife. We don’t do any wildharvesting there because it’s a protected area, but we regularly leave offerings and connect with our Ancestors.
And, there was a very lucky wildharvesting score – a Cedronella Canariensis plant full of seed heads ready to be harvested! This is a very rare and endemic plant, and one of the several plants called Balm Of Gilead in the Bible. I will be more than happy to welcome in into our garden this winter!


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Feeding The Spiritual Frame

A big portion of everything we make goes to our daily spiritual work – keeping the Cuadro Espiritual (Spiritual Frame) happy and well fed is one of the most important everyday duties of an Espiritista. In the pics, you can see one of today’s offerings – a good sample of our new Kyphi incense, along with a Cinnamon scented candle, and fresh herbs from our garden.

Why is this important? Because it keeps the Espiritista protected against harm (both human or spirit-related harm); it keeps the correct flow of energy to perform divination, spellwork and any liturgical duties the Espiritista has; and, empowers and cleanses the Spirits that are still in the process of elevation. Without this foundation, us Espiritistas cannot do the work that we are meant to do, guiding and helping our customers and community.

At the moment of posting this, there are still four packs of Kyphi left in the shop – don’t miss your chance!

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New Series: Pictures Of The Week – 2018, Week 37

This new post series will feature the best and most magical pictures I post during the week on social media (check links below). Hopefully, this will show how varied and devoted our work is, and how many different things we do in only seven days!

Hydrangeas at the San Benito park. A very powerful plant for love magic, but one that I also relate to ancestral worship, as it was my grandmother’s favourite.

A new batch of Kyphi, that will be placed for sale on packs of 20 pellets on Monday Sept. 17 at the shop. Kyphi is a type of incense that was made in Egypt since the time of Pharaohs.  It is made with herbs, barks, roots and other natural items, and a paste made with raisins steeped with honey and wine. It is burnt on top of a charcoal, like you would do with frankincense. It smells delicious, and Spirits LOVE it!

Salvia Microphylla, a new addition to our magical garden. This type is a Mexican variety of Sage that hopefully will do well in our weather. I’ve never seen it growing here in the islands, so this is really exciting! As all Salvias, this is a plant of healing, blessing, and cleansing. It has a really spicy scent, so I’m sure this will do wonderfully in one of our Kyphi recipes.

The first Lavender flowers of the season, so tiny and fragrant. Lavender is a herb for blessing, that brings peace, forgiveness and understanding to your home and relationships, and that helps healing through grief, recovery from illness, and other long term healing processes. Angelic entities and any Spirits related to healing/medicine will gladly take it as an offering, as well as any Spirits who protect children. Infuse it in olive oil for a very easy, but really effective, blessing oil for anointing.

Cutting fresh Ginger root for future medicine, magic, and food. If you want to know how I preserve it, check this post.

New altar setup, so we could keep all statues together. In our tradition, altars are a very personal choice, and can be as eclectic as the Espiritista chooses, and can afford. We work with 21 full Cortes (groups of Spirits), so it would be impossible to have them all represented; we work with the statues that Spirits put in our way, and do the best we can to keep them all happy :).

Saturday morning’s harvest – Lemon Balm, Basil, Fennel, Spearmint, Argentinian Sage, and Lemongrass. The root in the lower right corner is also from Fennel; once dry, it will be a very potent ingredient for my herbal spellwork powders. This plant was grown from seed, and has been loved and nurtured for two years before harvesting, growing in a completely sacred environment – can you imagine how much power such thing can harness? And, aren’t you happy that this is what goes on your spells and candles?


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News: Scarab Talisman Earrings

Following with the series of North African talismans that started with the Berber Earrings (all sold now, thanks so much!), the second series is for the Egyptian Scarab.

The Scarab is a talisman of protection, strongly related to the power of the Sun and to God Ra – as the ball of clay the Scarab creates rolls over and over, it represents not only the cycle of the Sun around the earth, but also the concepts of regeneration and healing.

Each Scarab bead was handsculpted, aged and patinaed individually. They were made in a custom Lapislazuli colour, and sculpted using proper historical references from the archives of El Cairo museum. As with all my pieces, the work is done under strict magical conditions, without mundane distractions, in a sacred space, and always after meditation sessions that provide inspiration and guidance. The work that was put in these beads means that a very powerful amount of energy lives in each one of them. May this amulet bless you and protect you!

Find them at: https://www.brujacarolina.com/product/scarab-earrings-talisman-protection-regeneration-and-healing


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