On Repeating Works


One of the conversations I have more often with customers is about repeating works – more specifically, if it’s worth it. This morning, I had it once again, so I thought it would be a good subject for today’s post.

For some reason, people tend to think that if spellwork doesn’t give them exactly what they wanted at the very first try, either it’s never going to happen, it’s the spellcaster’s fault, or even their own fault. I have to say that, while this is not completely impossible, actually it is very rarely true.

In Espiritismo, we are taught and encouraged to fight for what we want, to show our devotion often and abundantly, and not give up on our dreams – and so, repeating works is a completely regular part of our practise. We do not treat the Spirits as a vending machine that’s there to serve our wishes – we accept that sometimes, things will not be achieved without certain sacrifice, commitment, and effort.

So, let me invite you today to rethink the dreams you did not achieve, and try for them again. Your Espiritista is here to help you <3 <3 <3.


Reflections: When You Don’t Get What You Want

Today, I had a conversation with a dear customer who was going through a very rough moment. This conversation inspired this reflection, that I wish will bring some hope to anyone feeling unheard by the Spirits right now.

In Espiritismo, spellwork is not a vending machine where you put a petition and get what you want. Being completely honest, I wish it was, because you are not born an Espiritista without wanting everyone to be as happy and free as they can be – if it was in my hands, I’d grant every petition. But, it does not work that way.

I completely understand that, when you feel your petition is not granted, you feel rejected and alone. I know how it feels, because I have been there too, but as I grew in my profession, I started to understand how destructive that thought was.

First, because the Spirits are not rejecting you – this world is. This world is unfair, filled with evil and injustice, and flawed to its very core. And while the Spirits may have great power, they cannot change that. If there is something you can be sure about, it is that the Spirits have nothing but love, compassion and acceptance for us, and want nothing but our happiness and growth. The Spirits DON’T reject – they give, and forgive, and empower, and protect, and advise.

Second, because you cannot see what the Spirits are actually doing for you; they always work in ways that are secret, and with a vision that goes much, much deeper and farther than ours. When you feel you are not getting what you want, it can be because there is something better in store for you, or because what you are asking for is so damaging for you that they will actually protect you from it. There might be a million reasons that we cannot even imagine. We may not ever see it, but there IS a reason. Spirits have self-awareness and free will, they don’t act randomly, and again, they are NOT rejecting you. The help of Spirits is not part of a meritocracy system – it is for everyone, without judgement.

The essential word to overcome these feelings of rejection is TRUST. No matter what the situation looks like, you are heard, and you are helped. The Spirits will not stop working on your behalf until you have reached your goal – once a petition is placed before them in the right way, they will honour the petition every single time.


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Free From Spiritual Guilt: Answering Customer Questions

The biggest mistake that customers make when getting Spellwork done is to believe that they are completely powerless about the situation they are facing, and that all the power lies in the hands of the Spiritual Worker, and in the Spirits they work with. The customer, very often, feels like a person in trial before the Spiritual World, being judged for their actions, feeling that the granting of their request depends on the sentence of Spirits.

This is a conversation I have had with dozens of customers in the past years, and in my opinion, this belief is a sub-product of (extremely pernicious) religious propaganda, that teaches us that the Spiritual World is a jury, and that you are either good, and get rewards, or evil, and get punishment. A guy sitting in the clouds, and his horned counterpart below your feet, will make sure you are punished for even the smallest fault, because they see and hear eveything.

Yes, this sounds like a caricature, because I wanted to point out how ignorant and ridiculous the argument is, but when we leave the joke aside, this has extremely serious consequences – and the most dangerous is what I call Spiritual Guilt: the idea that working towards your desires with the aid of magic is wrong, and that it could be even dangerous to ask Spirits for help.

But, us Espiritistas do not believe in any form of Hell, cosmic punishment, karma, or anything similar. We believe we are responsible for our mistakes, and that we bring happiness or pain into our lives, depending on our actions and circumstances. And, above all, we believe we are constantly blessed and protected, constantly supported, by our Cuadro Espiritual, which is our Spiritual family. We don’t do fear and punishment – we do empowerment, we do freedom, we do responsibility, we do enlightenment.

To be free from Spiritual Guilt, you have to understand that the world of Spirits is not a jury. They want you to succeed, and they do not punish you for wanting what you want. They want you to overcome your challenges, to find your own happiness, they want you to heal from the past. They want you to own your Power, and to share their own Divine Power with you, so the entire world heals.

Yes, the entire world. When you own your Power, the entire world is a step closer to healing, a step closer to true change. This is about you first, of course, but also about everyone you reach. The Spirits want you to succeed, because they want a better world.

The Cycle Of Power

· The Power begins in you, with your desire to change something important in your life. This desire must be crystal clear, and your request must be justified. There is zero Spiritual Guilt.

· The Power flows within me, the Espiritista, as I am invested with the privilege of being the mediator between the customer and the Spiritual World. The Power of your desire is presented to the Spirits with the rigour and efficacy of my well done spellwork. No detail is left to chance.

· The Power comes back at you from the Spirits, enlarged, multiplied beyond measure, transformative. It is the Power you have created yourself, so it brings results that are perfect for you, because it is yours, and yours only.

· You take that Power, and you use it. Your life changes in the direction of your desire. You set the following goal, and repeat the process. The connection with the Spirits grows stronger and stronger.

The best example of this is the rate of success of my Hex-Breaking work. All my spells, no matter which is the request, begin with the same basic structure, get a personalized casting and the adjustments needed to the customer’s specific situation, so absolutely every customer has the exact same chances of success. Then, why is this the spell with the highest, and fastest, success rate?

Because it applies to the Cycle Of Power perfectly. The desire of being freed from a curse, or released from a negative entity, is one of the most pressing of all, and one that is almost always free from any Spiritual Guilt – and thus, the one to cause the Cycle Of Power to act almost immediately.

The power needs to start in you, so it can return to you as your own through the help of the Spirits. If you feel that your request is justified, and your desire is fixed and clear, it jumpstarts a reaction like no other, that puts your own destiny in your hands, and puts the Spirits on your back, protecting you and empowering you. Do you want the Spirits behind you, lifting you? Then hire me :).


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The Secret Of Successful Spellwork

In over two decades of practise, I have often taken cases that other professionals rejected time after time. You cannot imagine how often I am sent customers that way – without me doing anything, I am starting to get this status where I am hired for “difficult” cases.

I will not deny that difficult cases exist; as you know well, I’m not one to sugarcoat this business at all. But, the truth is many alleged professionals are fooled by the idea that the results of their spells depend on them, because that feeds their ego and makes them feel important and powerful – so, whenever they are faced with a difficult case, their self-image is threatened by the prospect of failure, so they turn away the case and the customer.

I don’t judge them, because that only shows lack of faith, lack of self-esteem, and overcompensation of someone with an inferiority complex. But, I judge that they call themselves professionals, because they are not actually helping anyone, neither themselves, nor their customers. It usually ends with customers losing their faith, their time and their money, and the practitioner getting a “regular” job.

What is the difference with my work, you may ask? There is a very simple answer, that I will break into these three points:

·  First of all, because this is not about my success, it’s about YOURS. I don’t do this for any sort of power, and I have said time after time that don’t have any! I do this to help other people, and because I was chosen by the Spirits to do their work on this physical manifestation of existence.

·  Second, because the Espiritista is a mediator between the customer, and God and the Spirits, and not the cause or the provider of the outcome of the spell. I guarantee what I can guarantee: that my work is done with experience, rigour, and total devotion to my practise. I stand for my professionalism, 100% – but I never, ever, make fake promises.

·  Third, because my faith in Spirits, and in YOU, is unbreakable. I have seen the most incredible miracles happening, and I have seen SO many customers improve their life and reach their goals beyond all expectations, that I am beyond any sort of doubt when it comes to that.

And here is where we get to the concept that titles this article: The Secret Of Successful Spellwork.

When your desires and your faith align, results are inevitable. Let me say this again – INEVITABLE. The power of the Spirits, when it works harmoniously with your true needs, is unstoppable, and unmeasurable.

So, when you get spellwork to support the goals you are working on, you are committing to, and producing, inevitable change, beyond any reach of your imagination, because Spirits know more and better than any of us, see farther than any of us, and because they are with us to support us and help us grow.

And as if that was not good enough already, there is another secret within the secret: that this is not only inevitable, but exponential, in the sense that the more you work towards your goal, the more power you give to the spellwork done for you, because your alignment with Spirits will grow endlessly. There really is no limit.

Take a moment and think: Which area of your life really needs a push? What are you working on, but seems to escape you? Do you need healing to overcome struggles? Now that you know this secret, it is the time to make your decision, hold the hand of Spirits, and walk towards your success.


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Reflections: Holy Cards

This is one of the most enjoyable of all my personal spiritual practises: making and giving away Holy Cards. They are scanned from my personal collection, and cut and laminated by hand; after making them, they get a special blessing from me and my Spirit Guides.

Once blessed, they are sent for free along orders, given to anyone I meet, or left in public places where they will be found easily. The point is to give them all away quickly and without any choosing about who will find them – because everyone, absolutely everyone, can take an extra blessing :).

Being an Espiritista is, first of all and above all, being a messenger of Grace, of the Blessing of Spirits. While I have absolutely no problem or shame with charging for my work, hope is something we must always give freely and abundantly, and I do all I can to give that hope to others – through these posts on my social media, through caring of our wildharvesting areas, and of course through these Holy Cards.

In the pic, the latest batch, finished just yesterday. Today, I invite you to think of ways to extend the Holy Grace to others, in a new way. And don’t forget – there is no such thing as a small gesture. If you had had the most horrible day, and found Yemanya’s loving face in your cafeteria’s table, a Holy Card peeking from under the serviette holder… would you see that as something small?


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About Spellwork: Answering Customer Questions

One of the questions I get more often from customers, is if they need to do something to improve the chances of success of the spellwork they get from me – as in getting spiritual baths, lighting candles, or doing prayers. As a general rule, my answer is no – I am the one who gets paid, so unless it’s absolutely necessary, I am the one who does all the work. But recently, thanks to a conversation with a customer, an answer has come to me, an answer I never thought of before.

Yes, there is actually something you can do to raise the chances of your spellwork to be completely successful, but it has nothing to do with baths, candles, or prayers. If you want your chances of success to be higher, you must believe that your Bruja, and the Spirits that work with her, are stronger than your enemy, or your problem. THAT really improves your chances, and in my opinion, bounces back on you very positively, because when you understand how protected you are by that trust, you will feel empowered, and more confident – which means, more able to beat your enemy, or your problem, since you will be vibrating at the same frequency than your spellwork does.

I completely understand why customers are distrustful, because there are so many scammers and lies – and believe me, I am not saying this because I do not feel trusted by my customers; quite the opposite. I am saying this because such trust is what my customers give me, and why their lives improve: they believe in me, and in the Spirits I work with, and that in return creates a connection that protects them and empowers them.

The sign of a really powerful Bruja is not being/looking frightening, or bullying people around, or causing superficial controversy and internet drama – those are just weak, fake badass people who need to create fear where they cannot create respect.

The sign of a really powerful Bruja is, never forget this, happy customers.



Making The Right Questions To The Tarot

Just as important as having a good Tarot Reader working for you, it is to make the right questions to get the most of it. What I do is not for entertainment; I see my work as something entirely Sacred, and I take it very seriously. When I am working, I believe my Guides and Ancestors, and YOURS, are present during the work, adding information and guidance.

Customers who think their questions well, and who understand what the Tarot can and cannot give them, get much more valuable information, and better advice that fits their situation and needs. Below, I am giving three examples of the most popular questions I get, and that could be greatly improved with a simple perspective shift; I sincerely hope that it will help you make the best of your Tarot readings.

Oh, and as always, let me add – this advice only applies to me and my work as a Reader. Other Readers could have completely different opinions and experiences on the subject, and that’s totally fine.

Hypothetical Question 1: When will I get a new job?

What Is Wrong With It:  The “when”; Tarot is never, ever, good at giving specific timeframes, specially if you have no real options in your nearest future. Also, Tarot readings cover a specific time into the future, and not your whole life.

How To Make It Better:  Start by having an active job search going on before making the question, and ask something like: “Is there anything I can do to improve my job search?”, or “Which obstacles are there in my job search?”. The point of this is not only to avoid asking what cannot be answered, but also to give you actually valuable information that you can use to strengthen your path towards your goal.

Hypothetical Question 2: When will I meet my soulmate?

What Is Wrong With It:  As I said above, “when” is not a good request for the Tarot; and, more importantly, the concept of soulmate is something so complex, that it would take a full essay to answer just this question. There is not one soulmate, but many; there is not one chance for love, but many; some people find it, and some don’t, and that does not make the first people happier than the second. Some people find their soulmate, and still are deeply unhappy for other reasons; and above all, soul mate does not mean spouse/partner – your soul mate could be your friend, your child, your father or mother, anyone. And so on and on.

How To Make It Better: Find someone you like first, and make your questions about a real, specific person.

Hypothetical Question 3: Which deity should I worship/Which religion should I follow?

What Is Wrong With It: No one should make that decision but you. Whether if you feel a call to a specific religion or not, it is always a choice, and starts with your choice as the sign those deities/spirits need to acknowledge your relationship to them. You must take your time to consider the responsibilities and duties that come with entering a religion, but it is you who must always make the first steps to show your honesty and devotion. It is actually extremely rare that Deities/Spirits say “no” to a devotee. And believe me, this is the answer you will get in your reading every single time.

How To Make It Better: Make your own choice, approach your Spirits, and instead of a Tarot Reading, get my Guidance Service. I’m serious, it’s amazing :D.


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Canarian Folklore: Santiguado Hex-Breaking Ritual

About The Word Santiguado

In the Canary Islands, we speak a dialect of Spanish, so we have plenty of vocabulary that only we use, and that is very difficult to translate into English. Although I use the word Curandera to define my work and tradition, Curandera is only the regular Spanish term; in our dialect, a Curandera/o is called a Santiguador (male) or Santiguadora (female), a word that could be translated as he/she who makes (someone or something) holy.

The tradition of Santiguado (or, Canarian Curanderismo), as most ancient healing traditions, mixes prayer, ritual and herbal lore on equal parts. In a completely holistic way, the treatment for any illness is applied equally to body, mind and spirit, as we deeply believe that what happens in one of those areas always affects the others. Spiritual illness that is created by a curse, if not treated, easily becomes physical or mental illness; just so, physical or mental illness turn the patient into a very easy prey for parasitic entities and harmful magic. In this blog post, I will describe a hex-breaking ritual of our tradition in detail; after the ritual, you will find a message about the topic of hex-breaking, that I have written specifically for my customers.

Santiguado Hex-Breaking Ritual

Herbal Treatment:

  • A bottle of red wine;
  • Three eggs, laid on the day the work is done;
  • A handful of each of these herbs, fresh or dry: Tea (Camelia Sinensis), Lemon tree leaves, Orange tree leaves, Basil (Ocimum Basilicum) and Grapevine leaves (Vitis Vinifera).

The mixture is slowly cooked together until the wine reduces its volume in half. Once it has reduced, it is filtered, and then three stones from the furnace that are red hot are placed in the liquid to remove any negative energies from it. The patient must keep this mixture in the fridge and drink a small cup every morning, before having any other food or drink.

Ritual And Prayer:

The patient sits in front of the Santiguadora, a pot filled with water placed between them. The Santiguadora makes the sign of the cross continuously over the water with the right hand, while reciting the prayer below seven times in a row.

I have added the prayer both in Canarian dialect and English. All words between brackets on the English translation are added by me to make the meaning of the prayer easier to understand.

” Si en la cruz te mato, con la cruz me das vida, con el Espíritu Santo, y la Virgen María.

¡Oh Madre de los Remedios! ¡Madre de los pecadores! Remédiame lo que tengo, y quítame los dolores.

Cuando vayas a misa, y entres en la iglesia, ¿Qué es lo primero que rezas? Un Padre Nuestro y un Avemaría.”

If on the cross you are killed, with the cross you give me life, along with the Holy Spirit, and the Virgin Mary.

Oh Mother of all remedies! Mother of all sinners! Heal my ailment, and remove my pains.

When you go to mass, and enter the church, what’s the first prayer you say? A Holy Father and a Hail Mary.”

Then, the water is thrown away at a crossroads, saying:

Esta agua bendita, que te riego aquí, que te pongas buena, y no se me pegue a mí.”

This holy water, that I spill here, (for) you are healed (and so the ailment) doesn’t stick to me”

After the ritual is done, the patient must do something for the Spirits; usually, a mass at the town’s church is the tradition, on behalf of the Souls Of Purgatory (Anima Sola), but if the Santiguadora/Curandera has an altar, the patient can purchase candles, flowers and/or fruit, and offer them to the Spirits in the Curandera’s altar.

A Reflection On Hex-Breaking: To My Customers

I tend to give my customers as much agency over the Services they get done as I can, not only because I am not here to judge that, but also because I firmly believe that nobody knows better what we need than ourselves. I cannot count the times that a customer has approached me with the feeling of something going wrong in their lives, whether as the result of a curse or as the result of negative Spirit activity, and were completely right about it – actually, so many times that I do not request a pre-spell reading for hex-breaking work any more, unless the customer wants it.

I believe in my customers, because:

a) in the cases where the reading was actually done, only 1 out of 100 or less was wrong;

b) because I believe that it was their Spirit Guides who guided them to look for help;

c) because simply, I believe them. I have no reason not to. The people I work for have shown me, time after time, that they are to be trusted with such intuitions. My customers are not paranoid people seeing enemies everywhere; they are conscious, intuitive and empowered people using the Services I offer. Harmful magic is something very real, and its damage can be irreversible; they don’t take it lightly, and they know that neither do I.

So, if you are reading this, and feel that you may be under the influence of negative works or negative entities, please don’t wait to get help, and don’t try to fix it yourself, because you are not in the situation to do so. In these situations, it’s always one hundred times safer to seek help from outside, and allow someone else to fight the enemy. Someone who actually knows how to do their job.

And, please allow me to insist on this: people with grave physical and/or mental illness can also be the victim of harmful magic and/or negative entities, just as anyone – and in my opinion, even more, because their defenses are weakened. You wouldn’t believe how many times people with mental illnesses are just not believed when they speak about this. So, if you feel you are in any kind of situation where you cannot trust your own judgement, get a reading with an expert professional, and if you are right (which, as I said, it is very likely), get hex-breaking work done as soon as possible.


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Spiritual Work: Tips For Beginning Witches

This post is a short collection of advice for those who are at the beginning of their Spiritual practise. Most of it has come from the most popular questions I get from practitioners through my Guidance Service – I sincerely hope it helps you and inspires you!

About Growing As A Witch

· Right now, it is your time to listen and learn; there will be plenty of time to be the one who talks when you are more experienced, believe me. BUT, listen actively and keep your critical thinking well alive. Nobody holds all the truth.

· Be aware of the enormous amount of magic that’s already around you, and use it. Local plant life, local traditions, local superstitions, are all at your reach, and hold more power than you imagine.

· Just so, the traditions and stories of your Ancestry can provide a great deal of personal connection and power, whether if you live in the same culture/country as them or not. Explore them, treasure them, and then add them to your personal path if they work for you. Feel the love and strength of your Ancestors through them.

Please notice that I am not saying that you should not worship spirits that are foreign to you – if that is in your calling, it is totally fine, and I am the last Bruja that would judge that. Both your chosen pantheon and your local traditions can coexist without any conflict in your path.

· If your commitment to your path is true, there will be many blessings, but there also will be a lot of pain – and you must learn to see it as part of the learning process that life itself is. The path of the Witch will break you, transform you, humble you. It will take things and people from you. It will change the way you live, the way you think, the way you feel. It has to happen, there is no other way for it to happen – let it happen.

About Your Relationship With Elders

· An elder should always talk from a position of experience, and never from a position of superiority. There is a HUGE difference. No human is superior to you in any way. Choose your elders wisely, because there are already too many horror stories about alleged elders abusing beginners, and do not take any oaths with anyone you don’t trust 100%.

· Nobody gets to be an elder in a day, a week, or a year. It takes time, commitment, and devotion, for a  lifetime. Keep this in mind at all times, specially when you feel you are “behind” anyone. You are not, because your path is your own, and comparing it to others’ paths is just a waste of time.

· Be wary of titles – of taking them too soon for yourself, AND of those who take them by the dozen. Whoever holds a title will be tested by the Spirits to prove said title, both the beginners and the experienced, so never take this lightly.

· And, if you find an elder you trust and admire, cherish them. Support them in any way you can, and recommend their work to others in need. Be respectful and loving, and don’t treat them as your permanently-on-shift therapist.

Professionals: About Dealing With Them…

· Be wary of the word “intuitive” – more often than not, it means “I do not care to take the time or the effort to learn this (insert magical or divination technique here), so I am just making it up as I go”.

· Also, be wary of whoever that assures that deities or high spirits are talking through them. This is a very real red light for cult tactics. Yes, the spirits can talk through certain people at certain times, but that is not what I am talking about at all. I am talking about people who say that Saint Michael the Archangel is their guardian angel. I’m sorry, but Saint Michael has more important things to do than being a regular human’s guardian.

· Whoever uses the words assured or guaranteed when it comes to magic, is a scammer. Period.

· A professional should always be open to customers’ questions, and the answers you get from them should always make sense. While you must be respectful if your spiritual worker has any sort of secrecy wovs, that has nothing to do with having anything to hide, or with giving half-assed answers.

…And About Becoming One

· If you want to do this professionally, then prepare yourself as a professional and act like a professional. Giving life advice is something very serious; you are not an entertainer, you are (or must be) the embodiment of wisdom.

· For the love of God, learn business, marketing, taxes, accounting, and whatever you need to learn. Your customers deserve it, and you deserve it.

· Carry yourself with dignity and kindness. Pick your battles, specially online; 99,9% of times it is not worth the hassle. Do not wash your dirty laundry in public. Learn to keep your mouth under control.

· Take no shit from people, but remember that it is your work as a professional to help people understand who you are, and what you do. That alleviates stigma, educates people into higher forms of thinking, and helps professionals and customers alike. Be an example, and make us all proud.

And, if you need more advice on any of these topics, remember that my Guidance Service is always available at my website. I have been guiding practitioners for many years, both online and locally, and in my opinion and experience, it is one of the most powerful aspects of my practise.