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To be able to act before energy manifests is the key to all magical success – prediction makes very little sense if it’s not made to act on it, but with my experience and advice, you will be able to make the best of each month, no matter what life throws at you!

On the 25th of every month, a new Forecast will be published for the following month, containing a five-card Tarot reading, plus magical works that will help balance the most critical areas of each month’s prediction.

Of course, all magical works will be beginner-friendly,  and the rituals can be made by people of all paths and levels of learning.

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NEW! Society6 Shop For Prints, T-Shirts, And More!


I have been working on a new Society6 shop this week – I always get requests for prints of my artwork, but I cannot provide those, plus the shipping costs from here would be extremely high; so, I chose this print-on-demand site, since I have several friends who own shops there, and have given me good feedback.





In the pictures, you can see some examples of the products that are already available, but Society6 offers a huge array of products – so, if you are interested in purchasing an item that is not available at my shop yet, please let me know, because there is a high chance that I can create it for you.


Stationery Sets

Big News: Spiritual Services Are Back!

Customers, please read this post carefully, because it explains all future changes to the Services in detail. Thank you!

Of all the services I discontinued after falling ill, the Spiritual Services is without a doubt the one that I’ve received more questions and requests about. As I have recovered beyond expectations, and I’m feeling completely ready for it, I am bringing Spiritual Services back!

I have given a lot of thought on how to reach a level of compromise that allows me to bring back this Service without repeating the mistakes from the past (which, for me, was the tremendous amount of work a Service entails), while keeping the low price intact. I completely understand that, with a much lower price than Custom Spellwork, it is the more popular work of Bruja Carolina, so this was an absolute priority for me.

So, I have made a decision – while Services will suffer no changes or price increase, from now on, I will not be sending reports. This will lessen my workload greatly, without taking away any of the actual magical work for the Service, and will allow me to keep the really affordable price of 15€.

We will begin with a Financial Blessing Service on November 21. To purchase your participation, and read all details about it, please click on the picture below!

Financial Blessing Service, Nov 21

New At The Shop: Peonia – OOAK Talisman Necklace


The most special element in this necklace are the Huayruro seeds, also called Peonías in Spanish. The natural red and black coloration of the seeds have made them a symbol of Eshu Eleggua for centuries; they are used for protection, road opening, and of course for ritual use, showing your alliance with the Orisha of crossroads.

In case you didn’t know, Peonia beads have been retired from the market because, as many other common seeds, they are toxic if ingested (yes, someone was as stupid as to actually eat their jewelry!). The ones used in this necklace are from my vintage stash of beads, and once I am done with them, I will not be able to get more ever.

I have paired the Peonias with the finest, tiniest vintage glass beads in red and black. I wish I had a mannequin to show you how delicate this piece is, and how elegantly it sits around the neck! As with all my talisman jewelry, this necklace has received a very special blessing for the wearer, asking for protection, road opening, luck, and all the good things that our beloved Eleggua brings into this world!


Art Models 10: A Review

I have been a member of for almost three years. I found the site while searching online for reference images for my anatomy drawing practises, and fell in love with the site from day one. The site provides high resolution images of nude models for artists; you can purchase and download individual poses, or get their books in digital and/or printed form, which offer beautiful and varied selections of images from their many models and pose collections.

This year, they offered artists and bloggers to review their upcoming book, Art Models 10; I jumped right at the opportunity, and was so fortunate to be chosen by Douglas Johnson, the site’s editor, to be one of the reviewers. I hope this makes very clear that I was NOT paid in any way to do this review in any way, and that I do not get any share from the sales of this book. I was a user and lover of this site before this review, and this is a totally honest opinion – you will never, ever, see paid sponsor reviews on my blog!


Reference images are a true treasure for an artist, no matter which style they belong to, or which technique they use. Reference images bring true life to a drawing or a painting – when you’ve been drawing for many years, you can clearly see which artists use reference pictures, and which just invent their way through the painting. When drawing only from memory, characters look stiff and lifeless, usually standing in stereotyped poses that communicate nothing.

The best solution, of course, it is to hire models and photograph them, or to attend classes with live models – but this is an ideal situation, and more often than not, a not very realistic solution for many artists. Hiring and photographing models takes money, time, and photographic material and skills. Classes with live models are not available everywhere, artists may have a full time job that keeps them from attending them, or they may be a financial sacrifice that not everyone can make. Just so, artists with any kind of disability may find these solutions extremely problematic.

Art Models 10 (and the whole offer of offers an affordable and extremely easy to use solution. The images of Art Models 10 are tasteful, inspiring, extremely detailed, and made clearly with making the artist’s work easier in mind. For a beginner, these poses are the perfect solution for more natural and powerful art; for the experienced, it is a perfect reference library that is always at reach. The images include many full body poses, plus extra chapters for head and hand/feet poses, which I think would make excellent drawing practises, even for the most experienced.

The fact that they are royalty free is also extremely relevant for the artist, as most times galleries, contests, and exhibitions, will not allow to show or sell work that contains copyright infringement of any kind. Not having to worry about this at all makes our work so much easier, and again, it shows how much the artist’s needs are always taken into consideration. Unless you are an artist, you will not believe how many hours we can spend searching for the right references, so the usefulness of this ebook, and of the whole site, is really invaluable.

I think that comic artists, fantasy artists and Pagan artists could benefit greatly from purchasing this book, no matter their level of expertise. There is a great variety of ages, races and body types, and I can see a lot of the images being used for great illustrations and comic scenes, as well as many that could inspire beautiful paintings in more classical styles – the balance between the modern poses and the more conventional, established ones is really remarkable.

The book also includes a chapter written by artist Butch Krieger that beginners will find particularly useful, as it is focused on working with the pictures in the book to improve drawing, shading, modelling and composition, as well as directions on using a grid. As a completely self-taught artist, I cannot stress enough how important these kind of exercises are for improving your skills, and how much benefit they can bring. You can be sure that I use these methods all the time!

Links:   ·    Art Models 10  ·  Facebook Page

My Art Website: In The Garden Of Spirits  ·  Facebook Page





After a morning epiphany during my meditation time, I worked my witchy ass off all day to give a huge turnaround at my art website. I realized that since I see no difference between the many manifestations of my art, and that I believe them all to come from the same source, they should all share the same space, and the same importance. I invite you to visit it, and enjoy the new galleries – plenty of magical, herbal, artsy eye candy!


Service Preparations: The Fortuna Tree

As most readers know, we have started the preparations for our upcoming Service on December 21. I am very proud to present you our altar’s centerpiece – the Fortuna Tree.

· The tree shape was made entirely of twigs and wool (no nails, and no glue), just as the trellis for the last Noche De Animas Service. That took about three hours of very patient work, since it measures 1 metre tall/1,1 yards.

· The pyramid shape of the structure is a very magical one, that attracts beneficial energy and focuses it on the altar area. To raise energy until the 21st, it will be lit every day for a few hours, and candles and incense will also be added daily.

· I chose the colour scheme of red and gold, because those are the best for the purpose of the Service. Red is blessing and protection; gold is wealth and health.

· The Poinsettia flower grows abundantly here in the islands during the winter, and to me, it is a symbol of love and family.

· The multicoloured lights represent the participants’ wishes, and make for all possible purposes of the Service that may not be covered.

· Just so, absolutely everything is brand new; although I am all for recycling, this time it has a specific magical purpose – to bring in the new blessings with the new year. Also, what I spent on all decorations is my personal gift to my customers – because you are amazing and you deserve it <3.

If you want to participate in our Blessing Service, you can do so at:



My Main Website: – Tarot and Spiritual Services

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October 31, Noche De Animas Service


On the night between October 31 and November 1, the Canarian tradition of Curanderismo celebrates de Noche De Animas (Night Of The Souls), a night dedicated to the veneration of Ancestors. Every year, we offer participations to all our customers, so they and their Ancestors can benefit from the energy of our work. A very special and unique altar is created for the ritual, and during that night, offerings of food, drinks, flowers, prayers and music are offered to our Ancestors, and to our customers’ Ancestors.

What The Service Does For Your Ancestors:

· Praying for them in the way us Espiritistas do, enlightens them and cleans them off their earthly ties, giving them clarity and strength;

· Feeding them with physical offerings strengthens them, so they have more power to guide you and help you.

What The Service Does For You:

· It empowers your relationship with them, making you more able to receive their guidance and help, and more aware of their presence in your life;

· If you are a beginner in the practise of Ancestor Worship, it makes sure that your offering (which is what you pay for participating) actually reaches them, since the work is made by experienced professionals and in a completely sacred space;

· It gives you the chance to have an actual holiday, specially if you have kids or community events, and let us do the job for you.

This year, we have lowered the price in half, so more customers can participate – ONLY 10$! All details in the link below:

Welcome To My New Blog!

Herbal infused olive oil soap - recipe coming soon!

Herbal infused olive oil soap – recipe coming soon!

I gave myself a holiday from blogging several months ago, after blogging non-stop for more than ten years. Boy, was that needed, and was that good. I was completely burnt out, and considering that I already work many hours every week typing emails, Tarot readings and Spellwork reports for my customers, writing posts weekly was more a punishment than a pleasure.

After closing the blog on my main website, I’ve been micro-blogging on my social networks almost daily, posting short updates and pictures of the work I do as someone who strives to live deeply connected with life, to the source of creativity, to the Art of Magic, and to the Magic of Art –  magical/spiritual crafts, gardening, wildharvesting, textile arts, herbal recipes for teas/soaps/body care, folklore, historical crafts, magical traditions of the Canary Islands, paganism, self-sufficiency, and very much anything that interests me.

That has proved to be more enjoyable and manageable for me than any formal blogging I had ever done before, and took off the pressure of writing about the magical work I do for my customers, a subject that I’d rather not talk about in any public way any more. I don’t teach, my religion is initiatory and has vows of secrecy, and the privacy of my customers is a total priority for me – the further I go into the path of the Bruja, the less interested I am in talking about it. Not that I have anything against people who share their journey, of course, but it’s not for me. The life and growth of a Spiritual Worker is made of many things, not only of ritual and divination, and I’m perfectly happy sharing all the other things that make me a better Bruja every day – I may not be interested in teaching magic, but I am all for inspiring my readers and customers to live a more magical, empowered life.

Processing flower petals to dry, to be used in making herbal powders for Spellwork.

But – social media sites have one disadvantage, and it is that posts do not get archived, and are not searchable, so I get a lot of questions about past posts from readers and customers, asking me for this and that – recipes, gardening tips, craft tips, etc. This, as you can imagine, takes a lot of time and effort.  That is why I am starting this blog, so I can archive all those posts, and so YOU can find them neatly arranged in categories, and search through them for the content as you please.

This blog is a true account of my life, and not a staged project in any way. I will post the stuff I make as I make it, exactly as I’ve been doing on my social media sites so far, and from time to time I will repost some posts from my old blog that contain useful recipes, as my schedule allows.

Just a note that you, as a reader, must remember: you are more than welcome to share the content of this blog as you please, in Pinterest, Facebook, etc –  but please keep a link back to this blog so your friends and readers can visit it. I own all copyrights to pictures and text (except where noticed), and NONE of the content can be reused without my written permission. ALL patterns, recipes, colouring pages, and any other content are for personal use ONLY. 

Country road, near one of our wildharvesting areas.