Thanks for your help

   I write this post to thank the unconditional help of our friends; without you this would be much harder. I also wanted that, the friends that are not in fb, be informed.
Carolina has been hospitalized for almost two weeks because of heart problems, problems that almost make us lose her. It has been very hard and sad. But it recovers slowly. We have asked for monetary help. Carolina will need a long rest and will not be able to work in a long time.
For my part I am trying to sell some of his paintings.

Annie zunigan has opened a gofundme campaign, for which I am very grateful. Any help is wellcome.
Thank you all and blessings.


New At The Shop: Peonia – OOAK Talisman Necklace


The most special element in this necklace are the Huayruro seeds, also called Peonías in Spanish. The natural red and black coloration of the seeds have made them a symbol of Eshu Eleggua for centuries; they are used for protection, road opening, and of course for ritual use, showing your alliance with the Orisha of crossroads.

In case you didn’t know, Peonia beads have been retired from the market because, as many other common seeds, they are toxic if ingested (yes, someone was as stupid as to actually eat their jewelry!). The ones used in this necklace are from my vintage stash of beads, and once I am done with them, I will not be able to get more ever.

I have paired the Peonias with the finest, tiniest vintage glass beads in red and black. I wish I had a mannequin to show you how delicate this piece is, and how elegantly it sits around the neck! As with all my talisman jewelry, this necklace has received a very special blessing for the wearer, asking for protection, road opening, luck, and all the good things that our beloved Eleggua brings into this world!


Summer Solstice Blessing Service: Participations Open!

Participations for our next Blessing Service, which will happen on June 21, have just been opened. This is, without a doubt, our most popular Service, since it is performed for blessings of all kinds:

· To attract good luck, opportunities, and new blessings of every kind into your life.
· To bring you special protection against negative people, circumstances and entities.
· To empower your health at all levels – physical, mental, and spiritual.
· To bless your home and family.
· To help you achieve your goals, and to help you find new goals.
· To remove whatever is no longer a blessing in your life, and release burdens and negative environments and relationships.


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Reflections: When You Don’t Get What You Want

Today, I had a conversation with a dear customer who was going through a very rough moment. This conversation inspired this reflection, that I wish will bring some hope to anyone feeling unheard by the Spirits right now.

In Espiritismo, spellwork is not a vending machine where you put a petition and get what you want. Being completely honest, I wish it was, because you are not born an Espiritista without wanting everyone to be as happy and free as they can be – if it was in my hands, I’d grant every petition. But, it does not work that way.

I completely understand that, when you feel your petition is not granted, you feel rejected and alone. I know how it feels, because I have been there too, but as I grew in my profession, I started to understand how destructive that thought was.

First, because the Spirits are not rejecting you – this world is. This world is unfair, filled with evil and injustice, and flawed to its very core. And while the Spirits may have great power, they cannot change that. If there is something you can be sure about, it is that the Spirits have nothing but love, compassion and acceptance for us, and want nothing but our happiness and growth. The Spirits DON’T reject – they give, and forgive, and empower, and protect, and advise.

Second, because you cannot see what the Spirits are actually doing for you; they always work in ways that are secret, and with a vision that goes much, much deeper and farther than ours. When you feel you are not getting what you want, it can be because there is something better in store for you, or because what you are asking for is so damaging for you that they will actually protect you from it. There might be a million reasons that we cannot even imagine. We may not ever see it, but there IS a reason. Spirits have self-awareness and free will, they don’t act randomly, and again, they are NOT rejecting you. The help of Spirits is not part of a meritocracy system – it is for everyone, without judgement.

The essential word to overcome these feelings of rejection is TRUST. No matter what the situation looks like, you are heard, and you are helped. The Spirits will not stop working on your behalf until you have reached your goal – once a petition is placed before them in the right way, they will honour the petition every single time.


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May 21 – Ancestral Mothers Spiritual Service

I am very happy to announce that the participations for our next Service, the Ancestral Mothers Spiritual Service, have just been opened!

What Is The Ancestral Mothers Service For?

· To strengthen your relationship with your Ancestor Mother lines, both biological and spiritual Ancestry lines;

· To attract beneficial maternal Spirits to your path and practise, whether in the form of Spiritual allies, or in the form of maternal figures in your life.

· To bring healing to troubled relationships with any part of your maternal Ancestry lines;

· To open the paths of Blessings of any kind that your Ancestral Mother lines may bring; financial blessings, health blessings, protection, etc.

· To celebrate our love for the Great Mother, and to show our gratefulness for Her protection and love.

Participate at:


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News: Scarab Talisman Earrings

Following with the series of North African talismans that started with the Berber Earrings (all sold now, thanks so much!), the second series is for the Egyptian Scarab.

The Scarab is a talisman of protection, strongly related to the power of the Sun and to God Ra – as the ball of clay the Scarab creates rolls over and over, it represents not only the cycle of the Sun around the earth, but also the concepts of regeneration and healing.

Each Scarab bead was handsculpted, aged and patinaed individually. They were made in a custom Lapislazuli colour, and sculpted using proper historical references from the archives of El Cairo museum. As with all my pieces, the work is done under strict magical conditions, without mundane distractions, in a sacred space, and always after meditation sessions that provide inspiration and guidance. The work that was put in these beads means that a very powerful amount of energy lives in each one of them. May this amulet bless you and protect you!

Find them at:


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Service Preparations: Pictures

A bundle of artisan cigars that have gone through the Sobado ceremony last week, wrapped in fragrant Lemongrass leaves and ready to be offered on Saturday, in our upcoming Spiritual Empowerment Service.

Smoked, burnt as incense, or used as an offering, tobacco is a sacred plant that opens the channels of Spirit, empowers the connection between worlds, and cleanses away negativity and parasitic entities – all perfect properties for our Service!

A small batch of Kyphi – we serve our regular Kyphi in almost every Service, but this one has been prepared with a custom recipe for the purpose of the Service – to strengthen the connection with Spiritual Guides, cleanse the channels of magical energy, and helping all participants achieve more control and power over their magical practise.

After spending the weekend cleaning the house from top to bottom, it’s time to begin the magical cleansing that will purify and empower the energy of the altar room. In the pic, over twenty herbs, barks, and roots, to be used in a floor wash daily until next Saturday. 100% of the ingredients were either homegrown at our sacred garden, or wildharvested in Nature – our customers deserve the best, and nothing but the best!

Remember, participations close on Friday 20! To purchase yours:


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Spiritual Empowerment Service, April 21 – Participations Open!

The Spiritual Empowerment Service, which will happen on April 21, is focused on the cleansing and strengthening of your spiritual/magical abilities, and is designed with spiritual practitioners in mind. If you feel you need a better connection to your Spiritual family, a more powerful magical practise, and the cleansing of residual negativity, this Service is right for you!

What Is This Service For?

· To attract beneficial Spirit Guides, Ancestor Allies, Animal and Plant Allies, and all kinds of entities that may be a source of growth in your Spiritual Path;

· To bring you special protection against negative entities, parasitic entities, unwanted dream visitors, and any spirit that may hinder your spiritual growth;

· To empower your spiritual practise, ground it on a strong foundation, and enhance discipline and devotion;

· To bless your connection to all forms of Spirit;

· To help you achieve your goals, and to help you find new goals in your Spiritual Path;

· To remove whatever is no longer a blessing in your spiritual practise, and empower change and evolution.

To participate, and read all details:


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News: Spiritual Service Calendar For 2018

This is a calendar of the Spiritual Services that we will be performing for customers this year. There will be one Blessing Service per quarter, since this is our customers’ absolute favourite, two Services devoted to our Ancestors (the Ancestral Mothers Service and the Noche De Animas Service), and three themed Services that will be performed twice during the year: the Financial Blessing Service, the Love Healing Service, and the Spiritual Empowerment Service. Please read details on each one below!

January 21 – Financial Blessings Service – Participations will be open from January 2 to January 20.

The Financial Blessings Service is a Service for material prosperity and growth at all levels. If you want to improve your finances, make your business grow, and bring in the opportunities you need, you need to start the year strong with the support of Spirits!

February 21 – Love Healing Service  – Participations will be open from February 1 to February 20.

The Love Healing Service is focused on the empowerment and strengthening of relationships – love relationships, but also family relationships, and even friendships. You choose the relationship you want to empower, and we provide the healing, loving energy that all relationships need to thrive.

March 21 – Spring Equinox Blessing Service – Participations will be open from March 1 to March 20.

Our Blessing Service is our customers’ favourite – and this year we will have one on each Solstice and Equinox! This Service is focused on receiving blessings of all kinds from the Spirits, and on cleansing negativity and residual energy from the previous period of the year.

April 21 – Spiritual Empowerment Service – Participations will be open from April 2 to April 20.

The Spiritual Empowerment Service is focused on the cleansing and strengthening of your spiritual/magical abilities, and is designed with spiritual practitioners in mind. If you feel you need a better connection to your Spiritual family, a more powerful magical practise, and the cleansing of residual negativity, this Service is right for you!

May 21 – Ancestral Mothers Service – Participations will be open from May 1 to May 20.

This is the first Service of the year that is focused on Ancestral worship, specifically the Ancestral Mothers lineages. The Spirits of your personal ancestral lines, and the Great Mother herself, will be honoured in this Service, so you can receive their blessings and protection.

June 21 – Summer Solstice Blessing Service (As Above) – Participations will be open from June 1 to June 20.

July 21 – Financial Blessings Service II (As Above) – Participations will be open from July 2 to July 20.

August 21 – Love Healing Service II (As Above) – Participations will be open from August 1 to August 20.

September 21 – Autumn Equinox Blessing Service (As Above) – Participations will be open from September 3 to September 20.

October 31 – Noche De Animas Service – Participations will be open from October 1 to October 30.

This Service, which ties to a Canarian spiritual traditions, honours the Dead, and all our Ancestral ties. This Service has broken participation records each time for three years in a row!

November 21 – Spiritual Empowerment Service II (As Above) – Participations will be open from November 2 to November 20.

December 21 – Winter Solstice Blessing Service (As Above) – Participations will be open from December 3 to December 20.

Customer Feedback From Previous Services:

“I received your summer solstice community ritual prayer and I’m just blown away by the most recent occurrences and I know it’s connected to the prayers and offering you performed. I received a large sum of money, my credit report improved, things in my finances have changed . I knew after reading your report that I made a wise choose. I could have picked anyone in the states but I was seeking a genuine healer, I been seeing the number 1111 (angels) alot since the ritual. I can’t thank you enough for your assistance and I will be joining the spiritual elevation service along with other services that you suggest again thank you!!”

“I asked Carolina to include me & two family members in her Blessing Service last December. My relatives were each struggling with challenges: one with the aftermath of a particularly nasty divorce & a very long streak of unemployment; the other with addictions issues, facing possibly additional prison time. As for me, the company where I worked for 10 years was falling into a state of chaos causing me & the other employees a great deal of stress & insecurity. As of April (4 months later), my unemployed relative found an exciting new job & sounds the most positive I have heard her in a long time. My other relative is also working, is maintaining sobriety & there appears there will be no additional time in prison. As for me-my company has stabilizing & I now go to work feeling at peace & happily productive. I have known Carolina via her work for many years. She is very professional, skilled, with a very high level of integrity. I am so very grateful to this dear lady for all that she does for so many”. L.H. (USA)

“Dearest Carolina, I wanted to let you know that the petition that was offered in this service to the Blessed Mothers Yemanya and Our Lady of Candelaria was granted! Initially, I was anxious about looking for a new home, but when I saw that you offered a petition service, the very day before I made my trip, I knew it came at the right time! I searched for several days for a new home and then a day before I was to return I suddenly felt that I was the ‘right’ place and the Blessed Mothers were with me. Thank you for your services! I have participated in services before and I will take part in more in the future. My prayers have been answered and I thank you for your love and devotion to making these rituals available for the rest of us! May you and yours continue to be blessed as you share these blessings with us! Adelina”

“I am messaging you to follow up on how things have been going for me since the service. First, I want to tell you Thank you very much! There has been such a turn around and a great relief in my situation and I credit your service with the Tres Potencias! Within a week of the service there was a weight lifted and a very noticable decrease in the amount of fear I had been experiencing, and now for the first time in a long time I have been able to breathe again even during trying situations. Since then I have also been reassigned a new job position with better hours and better opportunity, and in which I have been producing great work. I also have relocated and now, finally, found a place to live for me and my kids. For the first time in over a year I have been sleeping through the night where in the past i would wake up 4-5 times per night. With much gratitude I again thank you from the bottom of my heart! Much Love.” M.J., USA.


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Customer Updates For The Holidays

· We will be working throughout the holidays; except for Monday Dec.25 and Monday Jan.1, slots for Spellwork and Readings will be available as always. I am not booked full yet, so for now, there should be no extra delay to get your Service performed.

· I have THREE slots for the Finding Your Soulmate Reading, and THREE for the Key To Spiritual Growth Reading. The first one is for customers who are having difficulties finding the right relationship, and the second for customers that want to improve and empower their Spiritual practise. The first lot of both readings sold out in a couple of days, so don’t miss your chance! Here is some feedback from customers who purchased one of these readings:

“Deep bow of gratitude to you and the Spirits for my reading yesterday. I have had readings from others over the years, but this one tops them all. As I read the pdf, tears streamed down my face; tears of joy and understanding. I felt a huge release of old energy, and for the first time I feel hopeful, that yes, I can fulfill my Spiritual Destiny. I also appreciate the simple ritual you included to help me deepen my connection with my Soul’s purpose and with my Spirit helpers. I can’t recommend your readings highly enough; I feel you are of the highest integrity and truly gifted. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” M.R., USA.

“Carolina did a reading for me that was full of actionable information. I really appreciate that in a reading. The information provided was well clarified, made sense, seemed on point to me & the recommendations she gave were kind & easy to integrate in understanding. She made some recommendations, that once completed made pretty swift changes in my situation. I highly recommend Carolina as a reader & person. Her years of practice are evident and well worth the cost of the reading.” R.A., USA.

You can find all available Services, and read plenty of details on each of them, at my store:


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