About Me

My name is Carolina Gonzalez and I am a Curandera and Espiritista from Tenerife, one of the beautiful Canary Islands, located in the Northwest coast of Africa. I follow the Canarian traditions of Curanderismo and Brujería, and I am an initiate of Maria Lionza’s religion, a form of Afro-Latin Espiritismo that has its roots in Venezuela, a country deeply tied to me through my father’s family.

In this blog, I want to document the more creative side of the work I do, and of the life I live – a life that is devoted to serving the relationship with Spirits of any kind. You will find gardening, magical crafts, cooking, self-sufficiency, and of course any interesting information about historical-magical traditions of my little corner of paradise. This blog is also the place where I answer my customers’ questions.

I strive every single day to live a life that’s fully connected to the present, that looks with love to the past, and with hope and challenge for the future. For me, there is no line that separates the magical from the mundane – everything can be seen as sacred, experienced as sacred, and everything transforms itself when it is seen that way.  I want to be Connected With Life, because when we disconnect from it, it is when we are prey of fear, hate and negativity; but when we work on strengthening our connection,  we grow and learn, and we evolve into higher forms of consciousness.  And that, in the end, reverts always on the benefit of the customers I work with – the more connected with life a Spiritual Worker is, the more the Worker can tap into the energies of the unknown, and bring knowledge, healing and empowerment to others.

I offer Tarot, Spellwork and Spiritual Services – to know more, please visit my main website by clicking on the image below:

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Published Work




I have published work, both as an article writer and as an illustrator, in magazines like Witches & Pagans, Sage Woman, Circle Magazine, The Essential Herbal, and other online e-zines like Soul Path Magazine (not available online anymore), The Inner Sanctum Ezine, Broomstix, and Pooka Pages  . I have also been interviewed in podcasts New World Witchery and On Sacred Ground.

“Carolina Gonzalez is a consummate professional: her artwork is powerful, expressive, and magical, but always grounded and earthy. Her artwork beckons the reader into discovering the story for themselves. She’s also a dream to work with, taking direction well and always meets her deadline. I highly recommend her, especially for impactful front cover treatments of subjects relating to women, indigenous cultures, and rootworking magic.”

Anne Newkirk Niven, editor and publisher of SageWoman magazine,  Witches&Pagans magazine, and PaganSquare.com.


“Here at The Essential Herbal, we have been absolutely thrilled with the covers that Carolina has provided for us.  Cover art is so important, as it is the first thing that piques the interest of the reader.  We experienced an uptick in sales and interest due to her choice of subject and color.  Her work conveyed much spiritual meaning, while still managing to please our varied audience from many different backgrounds – no small feat!  It has been a joy to work with Carolina on these projects, and we highly recommend her.”

Tina Sams, editor and publisher of The Essential Herbal.







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