Spellwork: The Secret Of Alignment



Customers ask me all the time: “What can I do to empower the spellwork/service you have performed for me?” And my answer is always the same: USE IT.

A magical work provides you with energy from the Spirits that is there for you to use, and the better you match that energy, the more chances you have to achieve your goal. If you don’t put yourself in a place where the magic can actually happen, how do you expect the Spirits to provide the help you have requested?

How do you do this? Let me show you a few examples:

·If you get a spell for a job/financial opportunity, do whatever you can to get interviews, work on your resume, or search for any chance to meet with mentors. Put yourself out there, and be competitive – Goddess Fortune always favours the bold and the brave.

· If the spell is for attracting a partner (whether if there is a target or not), what you have to do is love yourself. From simple self-care like giving yourself any form of beauty treatment, to a new gym routine, to starting therapy or work with a couch, give yoursef what your body, soul, and mind are needing.

·If your spell is for protection, road opening, or any sort of spiritual healing, you can reconnect with Nature, visit holy places, and surround yourself with any symbols of spiritual power: candles, statues, incense, talismans, etc.

· If your spell is for hex-breaking, clean. Clean your home, clean your body, clean your friendships and relationships, clean your time.

How does this work? Very simple. By following these actions, you will be creating the perfect channel for the energy of the Spirits to work in your life. And that is the very secret of alignment: the less friction for this energy to work through your life, the more chances of success.


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