Herbalism: Dove’s Heart Pepper (And Others)


One of my plans for gardening next year is to grow as many Canarian + North African varieties of peppers as I can fit in our small terrace garden. Yesterday, at my favourite shop at the local farmers’ market, I found a type that I had not seen in a long time – we call them Corazón De Paloma (dove’s heart). This morning they were strung and set to dry, so the seeds can be planted soon.
I plant these for three reasons – as food, as a way to preserve endemic species, and of course for magic. Spirits love them as an offering – by themselves, as part of cooked dishes, or steeped in rum or other clear spirits like Aguardiente.
Also, they act like “heaters” of magic potions/oils/incenses – they can make works go faster and stronger, but they must be harnessed by someone who understand the Pepper’s Spirit very well, since heat can easily go too far, and make situations get highly volatile, or explode in your face.
Other varieties in my collection:
Ibarra Peppers – the variety is originally from the Basque Country (north of Spain), but these are from organic farmers from Tegueste, Tenerife.
Pimienta Picona (literally, Hot Pepper) – the most famous Canarian pepper, and the main ingredient in Mojo Sauce, one of the most important elements of Canarian cuisine.
Cuerno De Cabra (Goat’s Horn Pepper) – one of my favourites for cooking. Perfect for stews, soups, and Love Spells :D.


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