Reflections: My Biggest Blessing


This month, we are celebrating our Winter Solstice Blessing Service, the last one of 2019 – and as I have done on the past months, I will be posting related reflections and tips on my social media accounts.
So, this month’s theme is blessings. And what is a blessing? A blessing, in my eyes, is something that the Spirits provide to help us grow, evolve, and turn into the highest version of ourselves that we can achieve. Sometimes they are sweet, and for those, nobody needs to prepare; but sometimes, they come in the disguise of a crisis, of a struggle, or even with the face of what we perceive as an adversary.
Let me give you an example from my own life – if you ask me which was the biggest blessing I have ever received, I will always answer that it was the day I almost died, and was hospitalized. I was in the ICU for five days, literally between life and death, and then three more weeks in hospital and heart surgery had to happen before I could be released.
How can that be a blessing? Well, if that day had not happened, I would have never been properly diagnosed, and given the correct treatment I needed to live – and above all, I would not have CHANGED. And believe me, I did need to change. That change (which is still happening, as change only happens in motion) has taken me to reaching the health I needed to work more (and therefore make better money), go back to studying (and therefore be better at my job), and gave me back an excitement and love for life that I had almost forgotten.
And yes, of course I am aware that changing was my choice and my (very hard) work, but without that time of great stress, I would not have found the motivation or the commitment to achieve what I have achieved in the past year and a half. So, what someone else would see as the worst day of their life, I see it as my biggest blessing. And I have no doubt that the Spirits put it in my way to help me.
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