Winter Solstice Blessing Service: Participations Open!

Winter Solstice Service, Dec 21

Besides the regular offerings of food, flowers, drinks, incense, cigars, and everything we can find to make Spirits happier, this Service includes prayers for all kinds of blessings! Here is the full list:

· Prayers of Love: to attract love – for couples, for families, for friendships;

· Prayers for Road Opening: to attract good luck, opportunities, and new blessings of every kind into your life in 2020;

· Prayers for Money/Job Attraction: to bring financial abundance, wealth, and empowerment;

· Prayers for Protection: to bring you special protection against negative people, circumstances and entities;

· Prayers for Radiant Health: to empower your health at all levels – physical, mental, and spiritual;

· Prayers of Holy Blessing: to bless your home and family;

· Prayers of Empowerment: to help you achieve your goals, and to help you find new goals;

· Prayers of Cleansing/Anti Evil Eye: remove whatever is no longer a blessing in your life, and release the burdens of the ending year.

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