Spirit Message: It is Time


I never know who will be the recipient of this message, but here it is! As always, this was received during my morning meditation.

Now it is the time to be strong, disciplined, and go for it. There never was a better time for it. Stop making excuses, stop being afraid of failure, and open yourself to total success. Yes, total. You never thought it was possible, but the truth is that it only depends on you. You’ve been holding the key to the door all the time.
Become so hardworking, so dedicated, so focused, that there is no space left for fear or doubt in your mind – where there is the magic of empowered work, neither fear nor doubt can thrive. Realize, once and for all, that you deserve it, that you are worth the effort, and that you will make the best of your own success.
Let go of everything that does not support your goal – there is great power in making sensible decisions, and now it is the time for you to master that power. Forge your future through those decisions, and never forget that through every step, we will be here, supporting you and strengthening you.
As always, feel free to share – these are blessed words from Spirits, and the more people they reach, the better!


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