A Spirit Message


I never know who is the recipient of these messages, but I hope it reaches you! As always, this message was received during my morning meditation.
You are doing extremely well. You may not have reached your goal yet, but you are working very hard, and we are seeing every effort, every sacrifice. And we are very, very proud of you.
Remember that you are allowed failure, that you are allowed setbacks, that you are allowed mistakes. You did not come into this world to be perfect, but to experience life, and life holds pain as much as it holds happiness. The mistakes are part of the experience, and if you use them as teachers instead of as weapons against yourself, you will grow beyond any expectation. Stop punishing yourself, and start learning, and see how the world changes.
We are with you at every turn. Our support and our love is always here for you. You are never alone, never not heard, never not loved. Spirit’s source of love is unending, our forgiveness is unconditional, and our acceptance is total.
Keep working. Keep fighting. Keep learning. And of course, feel free to share, so this messages reaches as many people as possible!


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2 thoughts on “A Spirit Message

  1. Thank you, dear lady-this message resonates very deeply with me
    I appreciate you sharing this and wish you a very beautiful and blessed day…


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