Money Magic: A Spanish Proverb


One of my favourite sayings is “A Dios rogando, y con el mazo dando”, which can be translated as “Praying to God, and pounding the hammer”, and means that for every prayer that you send up to the Spirits, you must make an equivalent effort on this plane.
When you pray without working, expecting the Spirits to work for you, you are being materialistic and selfish in your relationship with them; when you work without praying, you disconnect yourself from alignment, ignoring the fabulous rewards that working with the Spirits can bring you.
This certainly can be applied to every area of our lives, but when it comes to this month’s theme, Money Magic, it is truer than ever. Every time that you mirror your magical efforts with your mundane efforts, you are aligning with your true success, and stepping up as a person – and the more you step up, the more blessings you are allowing yourself to receive.
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