Spiritual Work: My #1 Money Magic Tip

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This month is all about our Financial Blessing Service, and planting the luckiest and most powerful seeds of change for 2020 to be the year of your total success! Just as last month most posts were about Ancestral work, during November I will be posting about Money Magic, so stay tuned if you are interested, and please keep sharing, it is extremely appreciated!

My number one Money Magic tip is this: understand how money is made, how it is kept, and how it is increased. Become financially literate, so you make better choices about yourself, your work, your expenses, and your time. It does not matter how many spells you perform; unless you go through this, you will never reach your goals.

Just as you need to physically clean your home before a cleansing, you need to understand money to attract it – so put your feet on the ground, be pragmatic, and stop seeing Money as the root of all evil, because it is not. As the most fluid energy of all, Abundance is neither good nor evil, it’s what you make of it. There are people who make good every single day with the money they have, and people who make money out of exploiting, stealing, and destroying. It all depends on a choice, your choice.

And believe me, this is not about “if you did not had that treat, you’d be in a better position”. Money Magic does NOT require shaming you for being poor, because for Money Magic, there is enough for everyone to have everything you desire, and definitely enough for a decent living which includes plenty of treats.

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