On Honouring Hurtful Ancestors


A question I get time and time again about Ancestry is “I have Ancestors that have hurt me/ that I didn’t have a good relationship with – do I have to worship them?”
The answer is very clear: of course NOT. Ancestor veneration is based on love above all, and if you cannot love them, that veneration is simply useless. Venerate only the Ancestors you love, or use generic terms when you pray like “my Ancestral lines” so you don’t actually mention anyone by name.
Whatever you do, you can be completely sure that the Spirits will never, ever, require you to worship abusive family members – Ancestor is a title that is earned with love and power, and prayers and offerings are only for those who have earnt that title.
Those who abuse, steal, and cause trauma, only deserve to be forgotten – and believe me, being forgotten is a great punishment for a soul in the world of the Dead.


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