A Home Cleansing


As the veil is thinner than ever this month, a good cleansing of the home is a wonderful idea. A combination of floor wash and spray made of herbs and Holy Water* is always my option, and of course, after the home has been throroughly cleaned of dirt first. Negative entities love dirt and clutter, and no matter how much herbs and incense you use, if your house is a mess, your life will be a mess.

For a good cleansing, I would choose Rosemary, Cinnamon, Thyme, and a handful of good quality salt. Make a tea, strain it well, and place half in a bucket of clean water without any soap, and half in a spray bottle.

Going room by room, starting from the farthest point and going towards the entrance of the home, mop the floors, and spray doors, windows, and all corners. Pay special attention to dark areas, like under stairs, basements, etc. When you get to the door, throw the remaining water outside.

After cleansing, you can light white candles, and offer incense, water, and sweets to your Ancestors.

*I make my own Holy Water, you don’t need to get it from a church.


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