Happy October 1!


Image: an Ancestor ritual offering, 2014.

So good to see everyone on social media celebrating that October has arrived. This is such a painful and challenging time for so many people, that I think it’s more important than ever to hold onto the things that makes us happy, even if they seem small or unimportant.
Celebrating the magic and power of a season is deeply healing – this month, remember to make time to remember your loved ones who have passed, their life and legacy, their lessons and trials. Light a candle for them, prepare a treat for them, spend time with them – all of this can be done without any cultural appropriation, and for people of all spiritual paths, and all levels of learning. You can visit them at the cemetery, but doing it at home is completely ok too.
And, if you come from a troubled place and don’t want to pray for family members who hurt you and abandoned you, DON’T. Enjoy the change of seasons, enjoy your cultural roots and its legacy, and work on your own healing. It does not matter who were your ancestor, but it matters greatly what kind of ancestor you will be one day.
And, don’t forget to participate in our Noche De Animas Service!


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2 thoughts on “Happy October 1!

  1. Thank you for sharing this – the past few months have been a big pressure for me. I have been thinking about this for a long time and as my Grandmother who recently passed came to me in a dream demanding coffee and chocolate I guess I don’t have a choice lol….


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