Noche De Animas Service: Participations Open!

Noche De Animas Service, October 31.jpg
The Noche De Animas (Night Of The Souls) is a celebration and a homage to our beloved Dead. On the night when the veil between their world and ours is thinner than ever, we honour them with prayers, offerings, and a full night vigil. During that night, we commune with them, we welcome them into our dimension, and we accompany them until sunrise in a loving, devoted feast that honours their memory and their everlasting presence in our lives.
The purpose of the Noche De Animas service is to honour and serve your Ancestral lines. As they are fed, honoured, and elevated by the offerings and prayers, they are released from their earthly ties, and become more powerful, more wise, and more able to perceive your needs (and therefore more able to help you in every way).
Of course, this will open and cleanse the energy channels between you and them, truly empowering every chance to receive their blessing, their guidance, and their protection. And, when I mean you, I mean your entire Ancestral line – that means that every living person in your family will also benefit from this ritual. There is no limit to the amount of blessings the Noche De Animas can bring you!


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