Reflection: Keep Working


Today’s advice comes, as so many times, from a conversation with a customer this very morning. Of course, I have adapted it to preserve her privacy.
The idea that if you don’t get what you want at the first spell, then the spell did not work, is completely false. If you diet for 24 hours with the intention to lose 100 pounds, would you say that your diet did not work because you didn’t lose that amount of weight in that amount of time?
A spell contains a certain amount of energy, and to expect one single magical action to overcome every obstacle in life with is extremely naive, to say the least. The bigger the obstacle, the more energy that will be needed to overcome it.
And, if your petition is justified, and your Spiritual Worker acts with knowledge and power, there is no such thing as a spell that does not work. What happens is that the Spirits see that, right now, the perfect solution to your problem is not available YET, no matter what you think of the situation.
They see more than us, farther than us, deeper than us – and you have to trust them, and keep working towards your goal, in both the mundane way and the magical way. They are accumulating the power of every spell done on your behalf, gathering that power together and keeping it for the moment where the perfect solution appears – and then, in just one action, the perfect solution will manifest, even beyond your dreams.
I don’t have a single customer who persevered in a justified petition, and trusted the Spirits, who did not get what they wanted. The Spirits have open arms for everyone, love for everyone, and power for everyone.



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