Introducing A New Service: The Ancestor Elevation Ritual


A picture of our Ancestor Altar, where the ritual will take place.

For good and bad, energy flows through family lines – just as you can carry the artist gene, or inherit the love for a profession, you also carry your Ancestors’ trauma, their pain, and their burdens. To release yourself from those burdens and break the chains of trauma, you need to work on your Ancestors’ elevation.

Elevation work is actually one of the pillars of Espiritismo. When you empower your Ancestral lines, you cleanse them of earthly ties that may be an obstacle to their evolution, and you provide them with an extremely powerful dose of energy through the prayers and offerings included in the ritual. As they receive the energy of the ritual, they are elevated.

How does that benefit you? Because the more they rise, the more YOU rise, simple as that. Their empowerment flows back to you through their guidance and protection, and as they evolve, so will you. This is, at the same time, powerfully magical AND powerfully therapeutical work.

There is one more reason to do this work: it will not only benefit you, but EVERYONE in your family. By doing this work, you will be empowering and healing everyone who shares Ancestral ties with your Ancestors. There is no limit to the amount of Blessings that you and yours can receive from this work.

Take control, and break the chain of generational trauma. We owe it to our Ancestors, and we owe it to our children. It’s time to change the course of destiny itself.


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