Spiritual Work: Cleansing+Blessing Home Wash

I made this today, and it worked so beautifully and so quickly that I thought I’d share the recipe:
· The leaves and flowers of a branch of fresh Tulasi Basil;
· The leaves of a branch of fresh Rosemary;
· Florida Water;
· Holy Water.
Crush the leaves and flowers on the mortar well, so they release the juice; add half a glass of Florida Water, and keep crushing the leaves a bit more. Top the mortar with Holy Water until it’s full, and pray your cleansing+blessing prayers of choice.
Strain, place on a spray bottle, and spray your house completely, from the farthest point towards the entrance door. Pay special attention to doorways, windows, dark spaces under stairs, and any place where energy can become stagnant.


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2 thoughts on “Spiritual Work: Cleansing+Blessing Home Wash

  1. ty Carolina.  I have some lovelyrosemary I grew in the garden here they used to sell small shrubs of rosemary and people would keep them indoors for christmas and decorate them

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