Reflections: Your Cuadro Espiritual*


Today’s post was inspired, as so many times, by a real conversation I had this morning with a customer – I hope it is helpful!

Spirits do not enjoy being scrutinized. I am aware that there is this trend of practitioners saying that they can tell you who everyone in your Cuadro Espiritual is – and I give it the side-eye, and more. Do you want to get your Cuadro against you? Then go to one of this practitioners.

Spirits will reveal themselves to you WHEN they want to, and only IF they have to. Your Cuadro is not to be revealed, and in no tradition you will get a list of the Spirits in your cuadro, EVER. You may know one, two, three, or none – and you take it as they give it, period. Only when you are part of the Spirit world, after this human incarnation, your Cuadro will be revealed to you entirely, and you will understand why.

It is a very colonial way of thinking that you can just get a Tarot deck and pry on your Cuadro until they tell you all their Secrets. Accepting the Secret (with a capital S, or as Vodoisants perfectly call it, the mystère) is a step that every practitioner must go through, and is a very important un-learning for people educated in western faiths.Unless you accept that Spirits have their right to their secrecy, and that they owe you nothing, you will not evolve spiritually.

Note: for those who may not know, the Cuadro Espiritual is the group of Spirits that accompany a person, NOT including deities – the Guardian Angel, Ancestors, Spirit Guides, Spirit Allies, etc. It can go from zero to many, depending on the person’s spiritual development.


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