Reflections: Responsibility


If your house is a mess, if your life is a mess, if your behaviours are a mess, if your altars are a mess – don’t be surprised if illness, misfortune, and negativity come your way.
No-one is completely safe from harm, and no life can be perfect, because we are not incarnated in this plane to have perfection, or be perfection – but if you don’t take care of yourself, of your home, of your loved ones, and of your Spirits, there is very little your Bruja will be able to do for you when disgrace comes. This is not “The Secret” bullshit – this is a very basic law of life: your life is your responsibility, and no-one else’s.
Your magical life and your mundane life are one and the same. There is no success in one without responsibility in the other – for a powerful spiritual life, you need a powerful body on a powerful mind; for a powerful mundane life, you need your Cuadro Espiritual working with you at every single step.
People think I was *gifted* power, and use the wod “blessing” to refer to my relationship with Spirits – choosing to ignore the discipline, the sacrifices, the pain, the tests, the loneliness, the anger, the losses. Choosing to forget the standards I am bound to keep through my vows, every single day. A Bruja has no holidays, no days off, no times when you can be what people call normal. A Bruja is not allowed to look away.
Make it work. Make it happen. Be very, very strong. And, if you can’t, dont try to fix it yourself. Call a Bruja, and get serious help <3.


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