Reflections: The Power Of Spells

It’s always a powerful moment when a customer gets the result of a series of spells, in a second, and in an extremely definite way. It’s not about it being a personal win – I may be a very skilled mediator, but it’s God and the Spirits who grant the requests; it’s about how sometimes people feel that their situation is not moving, and feel unheard or doubt that their request will be ever granted – and then, in a second, it happens. And so, in a second, everything changes.
The more experienced I am as a Bruja, the more I see that there is no such thing as a spellwork that does not work. There are a) scammers who don’t know how to do their job; b) customers who give up before their request can manifest; c) movement we do not get to see, because only God can see everything.
A very important reminder not to give up on your desires, and to continue working with your Bruja until your goal has manifested. I do not share the “thinking about the outcome will block the spell” AT ALL. That is, in my opinion, a privileged, colonial way of thinking that does not apply to ATRs at all. If you want something, don’t stop working towards it!!!


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