Spiritual Work: Happy Day, Eleggua!


Eleggua is change – the change we take willingly, and the change we must accept when we don’t want to learn our lessons.
Eleggua is movement – the ecstatic movement of dance, the eternal flow of nature and seasons, of day and night, the movement that makes things transform into something else.
Eleggua is contradiction, is any place where two (or more) things coexist as one, is the multiplicity of human experience, is crying and laughing at the same time.
They say he “throws a stone today to kill a bird yesterday” – he is the paradox of time, the absurdity and darkness of life, but also the laughter of children. Actually, he is the wisest child, telling jokes and being playful while peeking at the most secret corner of our hearts.
Eleggua is kindness – he is open, non-judgemental, filled with wisdom, and owner of the paths of man. He welcomes everyone with open arms, while keeping doors open or closed, depending on how we act.
Want his favour? Be honourable. Be Authentic. Be generous with children, animals, the ill, the poor. Be a good friend. Accept opposites. And offer him candles, rum, and cigars on Mondays.
Happy June 13! Happy Day to my beloved Father!


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