Photo Post: Eggshells


Working on the painstaking task of removing the inner membrane of eggshells, both to make Cascarilla and as a Calcium supplement for our birds. These are very special, because they come from Fernando’s parents chickens, which are treated like fucking royalty, and eat fresh food every single day – so, their quality for both magic and bird keeping is unmatched. These have been boiled, sterilized, and dried under our unforgiving sun for several days to make them as clean as possible – but it’s totally worth the effort.
And, since we are speaking about Cascarilla, let me remind you of something I see again and again: Cascarilla is NOT powdered eggshell. Cascarilla is a recipe of around twenty ingredients which CONTAINS powdered eggshell, and creates a paste that is placed in small paper cups and left to dry. The recipe is a secret for initiates, so unless you have purchased it from a legitimate Lukumi/Espiritista, you have been scammed.


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