Reflections: Self-Care

Do not confuse self-care with self-spoiling, or with self-soothing. Self-care is facing your challenges head on. Self-care is having the respect for yourself and leaving the place where you are being abused, even though being alone may be scary. Self-care is standing for yourself when no-one else does. Self-care is courage, is self-awareness, is discipline, is empowerment.
Yes, of course we all deserve a treat, and of course we all deserve being forgiving with ourselves. But that is neither self-spoiling nor self-soothing, which are ways to escape reality and overcompensate. Actually, self-spoiling and self-soothing is abuse to oneself, because none of them will put you closer to our goals, and you may end up paying a huge price for them.
So, see self-care for what it really is – as being your own parent, your own Ancestor. Do what is best for you, not what is more pleasing or gives a quicker satisfaction. Be your own protector, your warrior, your guardian, your Higher Self. Be God*, experiencing itself in your self-awareness, and change the course of your life forever.
In the pic, Filomena Lubana / Mami Wata, to whom you can pray to be in control of yourself and your own life. It’s good to be responsible and strong, but don’t forget Spirits are there to help too <3!
*Please notice that I do not attach any gender, religion, or specific characteristics to the word God.
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