A Bit Of Everything: This Week’s Pictures

This week, Five new Guia necklaces were added to the shop this morning! I love this orange and blue colourway, and as always they received an ovenight bath in my Omiero, which as described by a friend, could free the souls of Purgatory :D. Also, there are still four of the first free colourways.
We also made a quick escapade to the mountain of San Diego to get the yearly supply of Eucalyptus.
The city hall had cut down some of the bigger trees to prevent summer wildfires, which is good and bad at the same time; it was sad to see the landscape change because those trees were beautiful, but the tree stumps were already sprouting again in full force, and in a couple of years they will be huge again. Without that kind of action, wildfires could be extremely dangerous in the summer, because that mountain in filled with farms and homes, with completely dry crops that could burn completely in minutes.
Unless you uproot it completely, you cannot kill an Eucalyptus, and that is why it’s one of the most powerful tree Spirits we have in the islands – a warrior, a protector, and a teacher, that is the star of our hex-breaking, protection, and banishing magic.
On the second pic, you can see the Eucalyptus harvest, plus a good amount of branches of Piruétano (Iberian Pear Tree), a type of pear tree that gives inedible fruit, but that has some of the most wonderful wood for our bird cages.
And, speaking of birds, we are happy to announce that Fernando and I will be administrating La Pajarera (The Aviary), a page for our bird breeding activity. As much as possible, we will be posting in both Spanish and English, so feel free to follow us there if you are interested in this subject!
The total highlight of the week was this wonderful trade with dear Blackfoot artist and friend Chrys Davison – when indigenous peoples accross cultures and continents give to each other with love, the greatest magic happens – thanks so much, my dear friend! These will be treasured and honoured forever.



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