Photo Post: Guia Necklaces

A new batch of Guia necklaces has been made this week, and these pictures show part of the process of feeding them and preparing them to be made available at the store. Enjoy!


Above, some of the herbs harvested from the garden for the Omiero. Below, the Omiero itself, ready to steep overnight. And, by the way, this is a huge salad bowl, and that’s two inches of fresh herbs minced by hand. THAT is the regular amount we do for any kind of wash, spiritual bath, etc. When I see people using a pinch of herbs in a bowl, I really wonder who taught them so poorly!


Below, the eight necklaces in the batch.


Look at the colour of that infusion! Please notice that this was not cooked – it was merely steeped at room temperature for around 20 hours. That, my friends, is the power of fresh and homegrown herbs!

After a few hours feeding off the marvellous Aché of the Omiero, the necklaces will receive several sets of prayers to empower them, cleanse them, and give them all the energy they need to be the best aid for mediumship. Tomorrow they will be available at the shop!


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