Summer Solstice Blessing Service: Participations Open!

Summer Solstice Blessing Service, June 21

On June 21, day of the Summer Solstice, a day of great importance for many Pagan and non-Pagan Spiritual Paths, we will be performing a Blessing Service. Our Blessing Service is, without a doubt, our most popular one – a really lucky and propitious time to attract blessings of all kinds, empower personal development for the following months, remove obstacles, and release negativity.

What Is This Service For?

· To attract good luck, opportunities, and new blessings of every kind into your life.

· To bring you special protection against negative people, circumstances and entities.

· To empower your health at all levels – physical, mental, and spiritual.

· To bless your home and family with peace, understanding, faithfulness, devotion, and communication.

· To help you achieve your personal goals (personal, financial, spiritual, health, etc.), and to help you find new ones.

· To remove whatever is no longer a blessing in your life, and release negativity and residual energy.

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