Espiritismo: Don Juan Del Dinero


The Financial Blessing Service has just finished, and it was truly electrifying! You could really feel the air vibrate with the energy of Spirits during the prayers. I have no doubt that the Blessings coming will be abundant, powerful, and beyond every expectation. Thank you so much to everyone who participated <3 <3 <3!

I am not sharing images of the Spiritual Services any more, but I am definitely glad to share this with you – a new statue of Don Juan Del Dinero (Mr. Juan Of Money) that was presented to the altar today, and purchased with a percentage of the participations sold.

The Corte of Don Juanes is a group of Spirits from Venezuelan folklore, that represent different areas of magic. Besides Don Juan Del Dinero, the most famous are Don Juan Del Amor (of love), Don Juan Del Tabaco (of Tobacco/Cigars), Don Juan Del Volteo (of reversal), Don Juan De Los Caminos (of the roads/crossroads), Don Juan del Desespero (of desperation/obsession), and Don Juan Del Dominio (of domination) – there are many, many more; as with every Corte of Espiritismo, many of them are local Spirits worshipped only by small groups of followers, so it’s impossible to track them all, or work with all of them.
Please notice that they are not archetypal Spirits – Espiritismo does not believe in that! All our Spirits are present, living entities, that communicate with us through mediumship and possession regularly.



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