Reflections: On The Realness Of Love Spells

I don’t go around giving people my opinion, mostly because I do not care one single bit, but if you come to me with the “if you need love spells your relationship isn’t real” discourse, this is exactly what you are going to get from me:
I do spells of all kinds. If you receive healing through spellwork, is it fake healing? If you receive a job through spellwork, is it a fake job? If you receive protection, or hex-breaking, is it not real?
Then why such a prejudice about love magic???
Stop acting as if spellwork was something dirty that devalues love. Love spells are sacred work, just as any other. Yes, I do agree that they can’t make someone love you if they don’t, but if you think that is the only reason why people get them, you don’t understand spellwork at all.
Love spells fix broken relationships, bring back stray spouses, remind partners of how important they are for each other, reopen communication between lovers, spark lost physical passion, remove rivals from the way, and SO MANY other important things that help Love triumph. You cannot even imagine.
And, may God help you if your relationship fails, because this Bruja won’t be there to help you.


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