Photo Post: A Magical Life (2)

Images from everyday magic and everyday life, that I hope will inspire you and delight you!

In The Sacred Garden


A new variety of Lavender for our garden, Lavandula Stoechas – doing well for now. Summer temps are already here, and all plants will be put to the test.


Mealy Sage (Salvia Farinacea), flowering this week. A Mexican variety, favourite of butterflies and bees.


It’s corn harvest season here, and every year, I make a husk doll with the first ears that we get from Fernando’s parents’ crops.


Lovely Lady Corn got a headdress of Lavender flowers, and offerings of bread and honey. Making the garden Spirits happy is a total priority when you live in the SubSaharan area – temperatures are already very high, regular sandstorm season has started, and we need our green babies protected, for us and for all the customers who benefit from this garden through their candlework and spellwork. As you all start enjoying warmer weather and blooming gardens, we begin the slowest season – the first harvest is done, the land goes dormant, and we retreat inside most of the day.


Gorgeous Fiesta Gitana Marigold – this variety of Calendula is doing so much better in our weather than any other I’ve planted before. Hopefully I will be getting lots of viable seeds to plant next year!

Magical Outdoors: Sacred Places


One of the most beautiful traditions of May 1 is the Cruces De Mayo, which celebrate the foundation of the capital of the island, Santa Cruz De Tenerife. Accross the entire city, neighbourhood associations, schools, and the ciry hall, decorate huge crosses with flowers and fruits. A beautiful example of spiritual traditions crossing lines into civilian life, and blending with it unnoticed – since the cross is a powerful symbol of protection, these decorated ones protect and bless the entire city. We found this gorgeous examply while driving to the plant nursery to get some new plants for the garden.

The Craft Of A Bruja


I took this picture only to promote the Tarot Forecast Newsletter, but it’s so pretty that I wanted to add it to this post. The lovely Italian style deck was a gift from my mother. By the way, you can find the link to join the Newsletter below.


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2 thoughts on “Photo Post: A Magical Life (2)

  1. Hi Carolina I have been following you on facebook for years and subscribe to your news letter. I was wondering how much you charge for a reading? Further I would like to inquire about some spell work. I have two terminally ill daughters and I have been able to cultivate a career working cold cases with local law enforcement. I have been working on a cold case for 8 years on the side and have the opportunity to make this a paid position which is the first time I have been able to focus on something for myself for quite some time. I have worked at this very hard and would like to know how to go about manifesting this so I may indeed secure the job. Not sure what I need but am looking for advice on this. Thank you so much, Tracy

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