Artwork Available: Pintadera Earrings


Colourway 1 – Two Pairs Available


Colourway 2 – Two Pairs Available

I’ve been back to beading after a very long hiatus, and truly loving it like never before! These pieces are embroidered in felt, and were inspired by Guanche Pintaderas. They are, of course :), filled with powerful talismanic energy; beading is a meditative practise for me, just as painting or gardening, that is always done with mindful disposition. “Hobby” is a banal word that I’ve grown to dislike – I don’t do this to pass the time, or to make money; I do this to honour the creative urge in me, and its Divine Source.

Pintaderas were the signs used by my guanche Ancestors to decorate their homes, wares, and even as body paint. It is believed that they represented the Guanches’ cosmology, elements from Nature, and even family lineages (as a primitive coat of arms). Here are some examples from the Canarian Museum Of History:


I have two pairs available of each colourway – let me know if you are interested. 35€ per pair, international shipping included, payable through Paypal invoice.


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