Reflections: On Parasitic Spiritual Entities

As always, my everyday talks with my customers give me the best ideas for posts. Here’s today’s reflection:
Parasitic entities (which are called Espiritus Obsesionados in Espiritismo) feed off your energy, until there is nothing left of you. They can pass as physical and mental illness – not that I’m saying that these two things do not exist by themselves, but in a world where health professionals often lack spiritual training, they cannot diagnose what they cannot see, no matter how good their intentions are.
This phenomena manifests as bad luck, being “gafe” (binging back luck to others, or unintentionally doing mal de ojo /evil eye), bad health without reason, hallucinations and nightmares, paranoia (as in feeling watched), drug addiction as a coping mechanism, and the total inability to evolve in life, no matter the effort. It can happen as the result of being cursed, of self-cursing too, and also as a totally random situation.
People with chronic illness, mental and physical, children, and people with spiritual gifts, are specially vulnerable – and YES, you can die off this if it is not treated. I am not joking, and yes, I have seen it. The entity will just jump to the nearest and weakest victim after you are gone, to feed off them.
If you feel that you may be under the attack of a parasitic entity, PLEASE go to a professional. Do not try to fix this yourself. You need the help of someone with a powerful Cuadro Espiritual that the entity will not be able to touch. Again, this is no joke, and trying to do what you don’t know how to do will only bring more harm. This is the reason why people like me exist.


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2 thoughts on “Reflections: On Parasitic Spiritual Entities

  1. I have family on the other side of the country who always seem to be in a constant vortex of tragedy and health issues. This extends from the parent to several of the adult children as well as their children. Although they have questioned if their family was cursed in someway, they are not particularly interested in pursuing any type of assistance for this and have adamantly refused when I suggested it. At times, they lash out at me, stating I lead a ‘charmed life’-that nothing bad seems to happen to me. This is not quite true-bad stuff does occasionally happens to me, too, but it is how I handle it which is different. It is so sad to watch.


    • If you think they are cursed, you have to be forgiving of their words and actions, because parasitic entities want their victims isolated, just like any abuser does. If they were helped, the entity would be in danger.


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