Tips To Unblock Abundance


Our Financial Blessing Service, which will happen on May 21, is intended to align you with the opportunities and energies that exist around you, that adapt to your needs and desires, and that work well with your own Ancestors and Spiritual Guides. Nobody has the power to make someone else wealthy (I wish I had!), but you can definitely be harmonized with the forces of abundance, because abundance is every human’s birthright.

Here are some things you can do to prepare for our Service, and unblock the energy of abundance:

· Light green and golden candles, and Sandalwood incense every day for one hour;

· Get a Spiritual Bath made with Chamomile and Fresh Basil every Sunday;

· Pray to Saint Pancras, patron of prosperous businesses, and offer him a bundle of fresh Parsley;

· Drink Spearmint tea to keep the mind open to opportunities;

· Offer coins and/or banknotes + a pyrite chunk on your Ancestor altar.

· Wash your home’s floors, doors and windows with the juice of fresh Basil, fresh Parsley, and fresh Sunflower/Pumpkin seeds (not roasted or salted seeds).

And the MOST important piece of advice: remember that money energy is fluidity manifested – pay attention to clutter, physical or emotional, that is keeping the fluidity from entering your life. Clogged homes, and clogged people, cannot open themselves to abundance!

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