Reflections: On Money And Spirituality


I know a lot of magical practitioners who have troubled relationships with the energy of money, but I am not one of them. The fact that the system that we are under is inherently wrong, and that it produces unjust situations, doesn’t make an enemy of money/wealth, but something that must be healed, so we can all benefit from it. And, it is the job of spiritual leaders to help others understand it, and heal it, and enjoy it.

When you get a participation in our upcoming Financial Blessing Service, you are not getting anyone’s wealth, you are learning to attract and keep your own. Money is just fluid energy, and the more it flows, the better for everyone, not only for you. Our Services, and our entire work as Espiritistas, is not for the passive – it is for those who want to BE more, and DO more with the blessings they receive.

When you learn to attract, empower, and make your wealth grow, you are not becoming a greedy villain unless you CHOOSE to do so – I cannot speak for anyone else, but I can tell you that with the money I make, I not only provide for myself and my home, but also support local markets/businesses/events, donate to charity, adopt and foster stray animals, work towards the recognition and expansion of Canarian+Guanche culture worldwide, and that makes me a better person, and a better Espiritista.

And I want more, so I can do more. If you think that is wrong, it is you who needs to reconsider the relationship you have with money.


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