Photo Post: A Magical Life

I have not done one of these photo posts in a while, so here is one with my favourite images from the past months. Images from everyday magic and everyday life, that I hope will inspire you and delight you!

The Magical Outdoors: Wildharvesting And Sacred Places


Seeds of Mustard (Sinapsis Alba, Sinapsis Arvensis) and of White Lupin (Lupinus Albus), wildharvested. Both species are part of our traditional cooking – Mustard is very well known, but the beans of the Lupin are not so common as human food. In several countries of the North Of Africa and the Mediterranean, they are boiled and brined, and eaten as a snack. These two will be part of our garden after the summer is over – a very lucky find.


The sacred Ceiba, tree of knowledge, tree of wisdom, tree of sacrifice, one of the most important of our Tree teachers. At the La Granja park, Santa Cruz De Tenerife.


Beautiful grafitti of Our Lady Of Candelaria, on the city that bears her name, this week. One of my favourite places in the world, home of our Holy Mother Chaxiraxi.


Fumigation sticks made of wildharvested endemic varieties of Wormwood and Sage. These will be used on our cleansing rituals, and as offerings.

The Magical Home (And Its Sacred Garden)


Beautiful pine wood cross, made by Fernando using a piece of wood found in a very magical area of our town, historically known for being home to Akelarres. A Spirit of the area told us to make the cross for protection, and this Bruja is old enough to not question that kind of intuition :). Not for sale.
In case you don’t know, Akelarre is the Basque word for a reunion of Brujas. It literally means “field of the male goat”.


A sunflower for my beloved Ochum, as every year. I have many plants (and I mean specimens, not types) that are devoted to a specific Spirit: a Rosemary for Saint Michael, Guava trees for Eleggua, Chrysanthemums for the Ancestors… they make gardening a sacred task, and the garden a temple.


Friends who fish – and owe a couple of favours to this Bruja – make the best magical gifts!After a few weeks under our very unforgiving sun, these will be dry and ready to be used in magic work – claws and shells for prosperity amulets, and the rest will be powdered for protection/defense work.
Please notice that a) supermarket crabs; b) cooked crabs; c) farmed crabs will not have the power required to do the work. There are many reasons for the success of my work, and one of the most important is the extremely high standards of each one of the ingredients I use. These crabs have been fished using traditional methods, in an extremely small scale, and without affecting the environment – be very, very wary of occult shops having a constant supply of rare/exotic supplies, because that is simply exploitation of resources.


Burning a few of the fumigation sticks shown in a previous photo from this post.


The first Cosmos flower appeared a few days before the Spring Solstice. Such a joyful flower.


A special craft to celebrate May 1, made with a Christmas decor wreath, dry flowers, ribbons and bells.


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