Inspirational Images

Feel free to grab, use, and share these inspirational graphics – and may they bring you many Blessings!

financial promo

Since the Financial Blessing Service will be happening this month, I thought it would be a good idea to make this little digital spell for anyone who may need it.

All the coins and banknotes you see in the picture have been gifts from customers and friends; some are collector’s coins, some are regular currency coins, and some are extremely valuable historical pieces – for example, some pre-medieval coins from judeo-moorish Spain that my brother gifted to me. Each one of them has not only the energy of financial power, but also of the love and good wishes of the people who gave them to me. They could not be luckier.


I also made these two using images of my own statues, and of flowers that have been offered at Spiritual Services, so they are filled with power and good energy!


And finally, a reflection on the power of your own intuition, for those moments when we feel disconnected from the Divine Source.

promo ancestors 2


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4 thoughts on “Inspirational Images

  1. Thank you for sharing your digital Financial Blessing spell. I love that you use coins and banknotes which have been given to you. I have a small collection of monies-some older coins passed down in the family and coins and banknotes given by friends from their worldly travels. Although I keep them safe as they are special, I never really had a purpose for them before. You have inspired me, Carolina, to use them in a financial prosperity spell! Blessings, dear lady….have a beautiful day….


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