Reflections: Success Rate

One of the questions I get over and over from customers is “Which is your success rate?”
Well, I have to say that my success rate is 100%, because 100% of times I provide a work done with the most exquisite materials, a proved ritual process that gives absolutely every customer the same amount of effort from me, and a powerful and sustained relationship with Spirits that is publicly shared every day on my social media. So, I DELIVER, 100%. I treat every customer and every work as a total success.
But, the resulting manifestation of spells does not depend on me, because it’s God (/Gods/Goddess/Goddesses) and the Spirits who grant the request, and not me. I am not a Fairy, and no matter how much I’d love to give everyone what they want, it’s not in my power to do so.
Also, the resulting manifestation depends on the request itself – it is not the same to do a love spell for a couple that needs to reignite their relationship, than doing a love spell to keep the company of a person who does not love you. The first will actually happen because it CAN happen; the second won’t, no matter how much magic you put into it.
Same goes for people who want wealth without sacrifices, good health without taking care of themselves, or who blame their problems on curses when they are sabotaging their own lives. If you are in denial about something, it does not matter how good of a Bruja I am (and have no doubt that I am!), you request won’t get true, lasting results.

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