Customer Updates For The Holidays

· We will be working throughout the holidays; except for Monday Dec.25 and Monday Jan.1, slots for Spellwork and Readings will be available as always. I am not booked full yet, so for now, there should be no extra delay to get your Service performed.

· I have THREE slots for the Finding Your Soulmate Reading, and THREE for the Key To Spiritual Growth Reading. The first one is for customers who are having difficulties finding the right relationship, and the second for customers that want to improve and empower their Spiritual practise. The first lot of both readings sold out in a couple of days, so don’t miss your chance! Here is some feedback from customers who purchased one of these readings:

“Deep bow of gratitude to you and the Spirits for my reading yesterday. I have had readings from others over the years, but this one tops them all. As I read the pdf, tears streamed down my face; tears of joy and understanding. I felt a huge release of old energy, and for the first time I feel hopeful, that yes, I can fulfill my Spiritual Destiny. I also appreciate the simple ritual you included to help me deepen my connection with my Soul’s purpose and with my Spirit helpers. I can’t recommend your readings highly enough; I feel you are of the highest integrity and truly gifted. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.” M.R., USA.

“Carolina did a reading for me that was full of actionable information. I really appreciate that in a reading. The information provided was well clarified, made sense, seemed on point to me & the recommendations she gave were kind & easy to integrate in understanding. She made some recommendations, that once completed made pretty swift changes in my situation. I highly recommend Carolina as a reader & person. Her years of practice are evident and well worth the cost of the reading.” R.A., USA.

You can find all available Services, and read plenty of details on each of them, at my store:


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