Updates: A Message For My Readers

By the end of the year, I will be closing my art site, In The Garden Of Spirits. It’s been a wonderful year for my art, in which I have grown and evolved as a painter beyond my own expectations – after plenty of experimenting, and after going through the most excruciating (but most powerfully healing) soul-searching, I am going to enter a completely new chapter, and leave traditional painting behind to pursue an education (and, if the Gods provide, maybe a career in the future) in Fashion Design and Illustration.
Of course, this will not affect Bruja Carolina at all. I will continue to offer my services as usual, because I am making a long term plan, and I have no intention to switch careers until it is absolutely necessary. For now, I want to focus on my education first – I could not do this when I was younger, because I had to work since very early to provide for myself and my family; so, you really cannot imagine how important this is for me, and how excited I am right now.
And now is when I need your help. To be able to do this, I need Bruja Carolina to keep my bills paid, so I can give all my free time to the education I could never afford to have, and pay for my studies properly. If you are so inclined to make a donation to help me achieve this goal, just PM me and I’ll give you my Paypal address – but I am totally fine with orders, shares, or just your support <3 <3 <3!


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