Spiritual Work: Objects Of Power


The pictures you see in this post are from the process of charging my gemstones today – these are mostly gifts from people I love, so although I am not a gemstone hoarder, I am very fond of my small collection, because of the people that gave them to me. I’ve had some for more than 20 years, and I have used them extensively, mostly in healing work. If you have watched Vision, the movie about the life of Hildegard Von Bingen, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about :).

This is what I (and many others) call a Object Of Power (Objeto De Poder) – which is any object, natural or man-made, that can be used as a battery of energy whenever is needed. If it’s a natural object, like gemstones/bones/furs/etc, it can be charged to improve its natural abilities; if it’s man-made, like a talisman or a mojo bag, it must be recharged/fed to keep it working as new. The more this process is present in your practise, not only the more powerful they will become, but also, the more tied to YOUR energy they will be, and the more they will empower you.

My process for recharging most of my Objects Of Power is quite simple and straightforward, as most of my practise. If the Object Of Power can be cleaned with water, they get a good wash first with running water (from the tap is fine, because running water is very powerful by itself), or soaking for a night in a basin with water, and a splash of Holy Water and/or Florida Water. If they cannot be cleaned this way, like Tarot cards, they get a good smoke cleansing with Rosemary, Wormwood, or Rue (depending on what’s in season). Delicate items like furs or taxidermy are brushed and left in an aireated but shaded place in the garden during a sunny day.

Note: when it comes to gemstones, it’s not a good idea to soak them overnight, because a lot of them can dissolve and get damaged, so a few seconds under the tap for each stone, and placing them on a towel to dry, is just fine.

After being washed and dried, the Power Holder is placed in front of the altar, along with offerings for the Spirits, so they get their blessing and recharging. This time, the offerings are the candle, the flowers from our garden, and an offering of incense that you cannot see in the pics, because it was placed on the altar where the statues are. This is an offering of gratitude and love for the work the Spirits do, and it can vary as my work is deeply seasonal – you can also offer some food, drinks, perfumes, cigars, fresh herbs, honey, etc.

I always try to be creative with offerings, because I am an artist, and both visuals and creativity hold extremely powerful magic for me – but also because Spirits appreciate the effort and time it takes. Doing this as a chore because it needs to be done regularly is senseless to me, because it wastes a perfect chance to make use of your Creator Energy, which is one of our truest Divine Connections – so, I invite you to be as creative as you can, as often as you can!

How do you keep your Objects Of Power? Any tips you want to share?



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