Notice For Customers: Spiritual Elevation Service, July 27

A Spiritual Service is a ritual made for a group of customers, as opposed to Custom Candlework/Spellwork, which is made only for one – hence the much lower price. The purpose of the Service can be as varied as Spiritual work is, and usually consists of offerings to the Spirits (candles, drinks, food, incenses, flowers, etc.), prayers (traditional to Espiritismo, and my own), drumming/music sessions, etc.

For the first time, I am offering a Spiritual Elevation Service, which is also called a Misa Espiritual (Spiritual Mass) and/or Misa Blanca (White Mass); this is one of the most important Services of our tradition, so if our customers are pleased with it, we will be repeating it regularly!

What Is This Service For?

· To empower and elevate your connection to the Divine Source Of Energy, mediumship abilities, spirit communication skills, in all its forms; this will improve your ability to manifest your goals and wishes.

· To cleanse and elevate your relationship with your Spirit Guides, Ancestry Lines, Spirit Allies, and all your spiritual relationships; this will improve both the clarity and the quantity of the messages you will receive from the world of Spirits.

· To remove negative/parasitic entities that may be around you, and make your protection against them stronger; this will strenghten your natural protection, and will elevate your vibration level.

Do I Need To Be A Medium/Spiritual Practitioner To Participate?

Absolutely not. Although most of my customers are involved with Spiritual work in one way or another, we ALL can benefit from Spiritual Elevation, and from a better relationship with our Spiritual allies, no matter if the use we give to that relationship is magical or mundane. In our religion, this Service is had regularly by all practitioners, even children.

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