Service Preparations: Cigars

In the pictures, you can see the regular cigar offering for our upcoming Summer Solstice Blessing Service. Cigars are one of the most important staples in our Espiritismo tradition; they are used to clean sacred spaces, to open communication with Spirits, and as a divination tool (as in reading in the shape of ashes, and on how the cigar burns).

But, these are not regular cigars, of course. Leaving aside the fact that they are completely handmade, and that the Canary Islands has a great tradition of cigar making that is world famous (so the quality itself is astounding), the cigars that will be used in any ceremony must be “sobados” – this word, that literally means “caressed”, refers to the procedure of carefully anointing them with a mixture of magical elements, prayed over and left to dry for a few days before using them. This purifies them from any negative energy they may have caught, and prepares them to be a medium that the Spirits will use to speak.

These were purchased the past weekend, to an artisan business from the island of La Palma, and the Sobado ceremony has just been applied to them. They will be left to air dry for a few hours, and then they will be carefully stored in a wooden box until the day of the Service.

If you want to read more about our upcoming Summer Solstice Blessing Service, and participate, you can do so HERE.

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