Notice For Customers: Ebook Sale!

The experience I’ve had with customers in the past three years through my Guidance Service has been absolutely outstanding, and it has become one of the most profound and valuable areas of my work. Helping others find spiritual direction has been as powerful and healing for my customers as it has been for me, and I want my writing to continue in that direction, and start a completely new phase. I will tell you more about this when its time has come; but, for now,  it is the time to remove the ebooks I’ve published so far from my offerings, and make a completely new start.

The three ebooks I’ve published so far (A Spiritual Guide To Wildharvesting, Home Cleansing And Blessing, and the Santa Muerte Business Spell) will be permanently removed from the website on July 1. BUT, until then, you can buy them separately, or together in a 3-ebook pack, both for a 50% Off discount! Please click HERE  to purchase them.





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