A Letter To My Customers: You Don’t Pay Me For Results

Custom Spellwork, 2016

From time to time, I get a message from someone asking me if they can pay for spellwork after it has been performed, and of course IF they see results. After so many years in the business, it doesn’t even bother me, and I can understand where this question comes from, so this is not a rant at all – but I thought it would be a good subject for today’s blog post, since people making this kind of question may be simply misleaded into thinking that what I offer is the promise of results.

The answer is very simple: of course, no. You don’t pay me for results, you pay me for providing a Service. I am not a fairy with a magic wand that grants wishes in exchange for payment, I am an Espiritista, and an Espiritista doesn’t have that power, or any. Results do not come from me, they come from God* and the Spirits. An Espiritista is only the communicator, the channel that makes sure that your petition is heard and attended.

And, this is something I’ve said again and again – sometimes, God and the Spirits will say no to your petition, and no human has the right to know why, because none of us is allowed to have such understanding of the future while we are in our incarnated form. Rules of the game of being a human entity.

The most obvious answer is that your petition will be blocked because what you have asked for is not good for you, and they are protecting you from further harm; but I am just as human as any of my customers is, and I understand very well how much it sucks to have your desires denied. I have had them denied too, and I’ve felt angry too, and I didn’t understand why, just like anyone would do. This is why I never take it personally when I get asked questions about results – because I have been where my customers are, and I understand.

Results are not my personal merit, because they cannot be. If you actually believe that a worker’s power decides with spellwork what your fate will be, you are assuming a passive position that I certanly do not wish to any of my customers. I want my customers empowered, making active decisions about their lives, and me just being the intermediary between my customers and the world of Spirits.

And believe me, being an Espiritista is a full time job, and more, much more. We are required a very strong discipline of personal work, meditation, long hours of prayer, purification of ourselves and our space, altar care, Spirit devotion, even diet restrictions. My work is to keep the channel for Spirit communication as clean and empowered as posible, and in this world, that is not easy. When I say I live the life of a nun, I am not exaggerating one bit. And of course, that includes no days off, no holidays and no excuses. Absolutely no excuses.

In what comes to spellwork itself, not only I have developed a system that gives absolutely every customer the same chances of success, I also take great care and pride in providing the absolute best materials for your work, to please and honour the Spirits as they deserve, and as YOU deserve. I grow and wildharvest all the herbs used. I make all the oils, herbal powders, salts, and any magical products used in your work. I buy offerings only from local, eco-conscious, cruelty-free sources. I purchase only the most quality candles and incenses. And so on – when it comes to the work I perform, there is no detail left to chance, and no shortcut.

And those two points above is what you pay me for. You pay me for my level of dedication and devotion, and you pay me for the best Service you can find – and in my opinion, those two points are proved, and my prices are extremely fair for the level of skill and dedication I provide. That is my merit, and not results.

One final note: nothing speaks of my work like the words of my customers. If you want to read testimonials from them, and see what their experience was, you can do so Here.

*Note to the use of the work God: I don’t add any specific characteristics to the word God, because I am way past that kind of thinking. Feel free to add those characteristics yourself when you read this post, as per your own idea of what/who God is. For me, God only means the Spiritual Force that is above the Spirits.


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