Talking To An Artist: A Short Reflection

Garden Harvest, my latest watercolour work.

Personally, I would never get offended by it, and I know that when people say it, it comes from a place of true admiration, but when you talk to an artist, you should avoid the words “talent”, “blessing”, “gifted”, or anything similar.
Why? Because there is no such thing. Good art is always the result of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice, and nothing more. There is absolutely no gift, no talent, no blessing – actually, it is quite a frustrating profession, specially when it comes to selling and promoting it. When you talk about gifts, you are erasing the hard work, the many years of practise, the sacrifice of devoting time and money to your art when everyone around you is enjoying their weekends, their holidays, their time off.
In what applies to me, I am doing my art on top of managing my own business at Bruja Carolina (and being the only income bringer at my home), on top of a chronic illness, and being completely self-taught. As I said, you would never offend me with such a compliment, because I am a big girl and I completely understand where it comes from, so this is not a rant or a complain – but I will not deny that I would much rather hear other kind of comments.
Don’t tell me I’m good, because I know that already, and I don’t care if it sounds prideful, because I have many reasons to be proud, all cited above. And, to be honest, compliments should be for the art, not for me
Tell me what the art makes you feel. Tell me what it brings to YOU, what it inspires and wakes up in you when you see it. Tell me what the painting is telling you, not what you think I want to hear.
And AGAIN – always, always, thank you for your comments and support. That DOES matter. A LOT. <3 <3 <3

2 thoughts on “Talking To An Artist: A Short Reflection

  1. Really good artwork pulls you into its world, telling you the artist’s story. If done well, you do not notice any imperfections even when they exist (they always do exist). The story is so vibrant & compelling, you are automatically transported.
    Your lovely watercolor tells a story of a warm, sunny day with flowers enjoying a happy moment. It successfully transports you somewhere else without any technical barriers in the composition or execution. That is why it is so beautiful.


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