Happy Valentine’s Day: On Love Spells


As every year, just as Valentine’s Day comes, some people like to sit in a very high horse, and point fingers from there, telling everyone how wrong both practitiones and customers are for doing (or asking for) love spells. Personally, I care very little about this kind of Internet debates, so do not take this article as my reply to them: this post is for my customers, so they can understand which is my position on this.

First, I do not judge my customers’ desires, because God* did not put me in this world to judge. I am not nearly as wise, as all-seeing, as to pretend that I can judge anyone’s choices, so I just don’t. Whether if I personally think my customers will be granted their request or not, it’s not my FUCKING BUSINESS, because I am not the one who grants them; I am merely the mediator between my customers and the Spirit world. I am here to provide a Service, and serve my customers in the way THEY want to be served; I have no guru delusions at all. My personal opinion is, to all effects, irrelevant.

I do not deny, because I am not a “love and light” Bruja, that sometimes the requests are selfish, dominant, and most likely unfair. There are requests that have you thinking “girl, you are going to regret this!” – but again, it is NOT my life, and whatever consequences come from that spell, good or bad, are for the person who requests it, not for me. I do not treat my customers as if they were children – it is their work to understand what they are buying, and what they are requesting, and not mine. My customers are empowered people, they know what they want from life, and my work is to help them get exactly what they want, being a communicator with the Spirits that can help them get there – again, I do not play guru.

Second, the scenario is not nearly as terrible as these people want to make you think – yes, there are some seriously deranged people (as there are in every profession and area of life), but the truth is that I have done thousands (literally) of spells that helped couples solve their differences and find communication; that helped then find the “spice” back and empowered their intimate life; that removed blocks of interference from outside the relationship, and allowed them to move forward together; that helped people who lived far from each other come closer. When it comes to love spells, most people have nothing but good intentions in their hearts; couples can go through temendous stress, through terrible misunderstandings, and we all need a little magic sometimes when the shit has hit the fan. None of us is free from making huge mistakes, or from falling in love with someone who has made a huge mistake. In my opinion, it is very prideful to say “I will never do this kind of magic” because we never know the circumstances we will face in this life, and how desperately we will need help from the Spirits. I was born with very little privileges, so whatever is essential in my life, I have every right to defend it to the very end, and I will. And, the truth that applies for me, applies for all those I work with.

And, before I finish, let me add something – if doing love spells doesn’t adhere to your beliefs for whatever reasons, FINE. As I said at the beginning of this post, this is not a debate for me, and as long as you don’t go around pointing fingers, I will ALWAYS respect your decision AND your religious beliefs. But, not all religions work that way – love spells, both binding and non-binding, are a completely common practise in many religions of the African Diaspora, and in plenty of other cultures around the world. In my religion (Espiritismo), there is no such thing as the Three-Fold law, OR as Hell, OR as Karma, and we are not fearing any kind of repercussions, from God or from the Magic itself. We are free to perform Magic as we see fit, and we are free to live our life as we see fit – if we make wrong choices, we face the consequences, just as everyone; but that is not something we see as an unbreakable magical law, that is just life.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

*I do not adhere to a specific concept of what, and who, God is. For me, the only meaning of the word is “the source of Energy that is above the Spirits”, but I do not add any more qualities to that energy. Insert whatever you want there, male or female, one or many, all-powerful or not.

A Final Note – feel free to comment, but keep your religious bigotry away. Comments telling me I’m going to hell, that I’m breaking this or that law, or anything like that, will simply not be approved. I’m really not interested, so don’t waste your time and mine.


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6 thoughts on “Happy Valentine’s Day: On Love Spells

  1. Dear lady…. Blessings & gratitude for all you do. There will always be those who see evil & negativity , quickly pointing to others as the source but in truth, the only place it exists is in their very own hearts & minds.
    Be well & have a blessed day….


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